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Besser block outdoor bench and landscaping

Junior Contributor
Junior Contributor

An easy and attractive corner makeover including a bench seat made using besser blocks and a concrete planter.





The project


I had an empty space in the backyard that I wanted to convert into a cosy corner. I used 14 besser blocks, seven for each side.


I used liquid nails for cement and attached three blocks on top of each other, only exposing the top holes. I repeated this for the other three blocks.




I did this for the opposite side of my chair, leaving only two blocks for the top. Once I had the correct length I wanted, I glued the middle of the blocks. The last block was also glued to the top so the holes ran in the same direction.




I purchased 100 x 100 sawn Pine posts and sanded and stained. It was as easy as slotting the posts into the blocks. 




I made the back planter by attaching fibre cement sheeting to a frame. This was an idea I got from the Bunnings guide How to make a concrete-look bench.


The fence and besser blocks are painted in the colour Monument, and I added some paving slabs and stones. The side gate was made with recycled pallet timber. Now all I need is a fire pit! 




I purchased the following from Bunnings:




  • 450 x 450 pavers at $12.49 each.


I had already purchased Colorbond Monument paint for our house and I purchased the stones locally. Total cost for the bench, pavers, stones, paint and glue was under $300.


Before and after






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Looks great mate I would of never thought to use besser blocks for a bench works well :smile: 

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Looks fantastic! Really well done 👍 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

It's fantastic you're both so enthused about this project @Prawns and @Gillgirl.


Would something like this suit your place? It would be a great project to complete over the weekend. Sing out if you'd like some assistance replicating it.




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Absolutely Fantastic, I’ll be doing this once my house is built❤️

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Janet293. We're really pleased you've taken inspiration from this project.


Let me mention @sandy_d, so they are alerted to your kind comment.


It's a fantastic build that would look the part in so many gardens. Please keep us updated and reach out if you need assistance or get stuck. I'm sure our knowledgeable members would be all too keen to assist.


In the meantime, until your house is built, make sure you check out all the other amazing projects contributed by our creative community members. A great place to start would be our Top 10 most popular outdoor projects.


Looking forward to seeing what you achieve.





Hi all, 

I love the transformation of the cozy corner. I am looking to do something similar. Can someone please explain how can I achieve the pebbles and pavers landscape? I have heard that if we use sand as the base and then pebbles then over the time it start to sink after rain. Any recommendations how I can achieve this look without dissatisfaction. Thanks

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Gk. It's great to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about laying pebbles.


Ground sinks because it hasn't been compacted properly. Compacting and levelling the soil is always the first place to start. Once a solid base is achieved, you can be assured that any future subsidence will be minimal. You could either lay down sand or preferably road base before compacting. I'd recommend you hire a compactor for a few hours as it will make short work of the job. You could use a Trojan 205mm All Steel Tamper, but that is fairly labour intensive work. I'll include a video below which has some tips for using a compactor.


I'd also recommend that you cover the area with weed matting after compacting and before you lay the pebbles. That will prevent any dormant weed seeds from germinating and ruining your new pebbled area.


You should find these step-by-step guides useful: How to lay stepping stones and How to lay paving for a path.  


Please let me know if you have any questions.






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👌Excellent post Sandy_d. We will definitely make this for our back yard. Thankyou!

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Gives us a shout if you need a hand @jones4nau. I trust @sandy_d and our other helpful members will be keen to assist.




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