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Rear deck area revamp

Making a Splash
Making a Splash


New and recycled timber, doors and windows were used in this rear deck makeover.




The project


I thought it was about time to add some more pictures of renos being done in our old house. The original deck had a poorly constructed railing around it. We live in a high rainfall area and normal steel nails were used for the railing, so after about three years it was falling apart. We also didn't like the cross-rail design as we have grandkids and there is a high likelihood of them falling through. The only way to get down into the backyard was via the north end, down some piddly steps. 




I removed all the old timber rails and cleaned them up for reuse as much as possible. And I used some 40 x 40mm LOSP for the vertical posts. Then I built some steps in the middle to access the games room we previously restored. The north end also is where the weather comes in so it makes it unusable if it's raining. 


I was able to source some nice cheap doors.




We then built a wall with secondhand windows.










My wife had the idea of the larger steps that were not that expensive to build, about $250 from memory. They lead down to the old shed we did up. 


Stairs work in progress.




We enjoy it a lot more now that we can use it mostly all year. 


Before and after






Home Improvement Guru

Afternoon @wooshka 

I remember seeing your project somewhere along the way, I seriously like how it hs turned out! Those middle steps make it look grandiose and that wall of reuse ddoors! Yeahhhhh (You know the add with the guy that goes out to pick up the newspaper from the footpath and then stares at his new roof? that type of yeah!)


Loved how you reused as much as possible! Brilliant!



Making a Splash

Thanks @Dave-1 , its ready for the deck to be re oiled , those are early pics so the garden is slowly growing into it , i have extended it further down to a paved fire pit area that i will put of photos soon with some screens from the same recycled jarrah

Cultivating a Following

Wow, looks great. It just changes the look completely. Reusing gear in good condition is a great touch.  Well done.


Growing in Experience

Very nice.


It’s nice to see how resourceful you have been, the straight lines look amazing, bold and well proportioned and this would make a great wind break. 

Well done, very inspiring and creative. 

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