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Fastener Storage Trolley

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Fastener Storage Trolley

Storage Trolley 10.jpg
I have a few of these storage containers for screws and small parts, I decided to make a trolley that holds 8 of them for easier access.
I had the melamine sheet which was previously a stationery cupboard that I bought at auction for $20 and originally dismantled it with shelves in mind.
I cut out 2 side panels at 350mm deep x 1000mm high then used a 5/8" Dado stack to cut 5mm deep dados (grooves) in those side panels to support the shelves. 
Storage Trolley 1.jpg
I spaced the dados at 100mm to cater for the storage boxes.
Storage Trolley 2.jpg
I glued and clamped the 2 centre shelves in place and drilled Pocket Holes to secure the top and base panels.
Storage Trolley 3.jpg
I then cut the top and base from 30mm veneered MDF which I had on hand from previous projects, they are cut to the same 350mm depth but around 20mm wider on each side.
Storage Trolley 4.jpg
With a lower shelf dry clamped in place I screwed the side panels to the top and then the base panel.
Storage Trolley 5.jpg
Once the base and top were attached I then proceeded to glue in the remaining shelves.
Storage Trolley 6.jpg
Storage Trolley 7.jpgStorage Trolley 8.jpg
And a preview of how the storage containers would fit.
Storage Trolley 9.jpg
I had some wheels on hand that I bought a few sets when they were on special, marked them out and screwed to the base panel.
Storage Trolley 12.jpg
I cut out a back out of 5mm Melamine MDF and nailed it on.
Storage Trolley 10.jpgStorage Trolley 11.jpg
And here it is all done, a convenient roll around trolley/cart with all my screws and fasteners all in one place.

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Re: Fastener Storage Trolley

Great project as always @Wayne. Many thanks for sharing in such terrific detail. I'm sure other Workshop members will be keen to replicate your work.


What do you plan on tackling next?



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Re: Fastener Storage Trolley

I am not sure what will be next, I am just coming out of Winter hibernation LOL
I have been somewhat rejuvenated teaching a girlfriend of my daughters some basic woodworking techniques on the weekends, she has a few projects in mind. I will guide her initially and then let her finish each step, the most difficult part is making her aware of the dangers of machine operation and safety practices which I just observe automatically and somewhat take for granted now.We are currently making something like this Toddler House Bed.
Toddler House Bed.jpg

Wood Working with Wayne

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