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Flooring options for concrete garage floor?

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Flooring options for concrete garage floor?

Hi All,


I've been thinking I'd like to change the flooring in my garage. It's currently concrete - old, grey and stained. The space I need covered is just under 30m2. 

I'm tossing up between whether to just to an acid stain on it, or get floorboards & place those on top.


I'll be doing it with the help of my dad, but we both are new to this, so thought I'd come here to get some advice.


A few questions:

1. Is doing an acid stain finish on concrete possible for a DIY job, or is that something better left to professionals? 

2. Does bunnings sell products for DIY concrete acid stain?

3. Can floorboards be applied on top of concrete? Is there a chance of moisture and buckling? And if so, how can we avoid this?

4. If you had to pick, which flooring would you choose ? I'm just curious for others opinions.


TIA for any help or advice you all may have!



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Floorboards over Concrete

Helloo @craftycrew


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's wonderful to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your question about putting floorboards or acid staining over concrete.


If this garage is going to be turned into something else and the vehicle will be parked outside, yes you can put Laminate Fooring in the garage. However, acid etching is technically a procedure that opens up the pores of the cement face to accept paint or epoxy. Specifically these types of products Dy-Mark 8L Slate Epoxy Coat Garage Floor Kit or White Knight Ultra Pave. These products are specifically designed to work in the garage.


But if you're referring to acid staining, I'm afraid it's not available at the store. But I've seen acid staining applied before and I recommend leaving the application to the professionals as it is an involved process. But between the two, I would suggest using Laminate flooring as it is a much better substrate to step on rather than cold hard concrete. Laminate flooring is an organic material and keeps its temperature nice and level. It does not go freezing cold and does not go boiling hot compared to solid concrete.


Here are some handy guides to give you an idea of how these products are installed:






Let me tag our experienced members @prettyliving and @craftyhopper for their recommendations.


If the vehicle is still coming back inside please note that only the Dy-Mark and White Knight will be suitable for the garage floor. It sounds like an interesting flooring project, any updates you can provide about your project would be highly appreciated. 


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: Flooring options for concrete garage floor?

Hi @craftycrew,


I wonder whether you might consider an epoxy garage floor transformation like @maknilsin?


Experienced member @prettyliving recently shared a fantastic guide showing how effective and easy it is: How to apply epoxy to a garage floor.  




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