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How to fill holes in Melamine board?

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How to fill holes in Melamine board?

Hi guys

I got this piece of furniture from FB marketplace for free. I picked up this thinking that I could give a new life to this. Turns out that my wife is liking this and she wants to put it in our bedroom instead of the garage. 

However, these shelves have got too many holes in the Melamine board ( as you can see on the pictures below). 



What's the best way to fill these holes or give a new life to this piece of furniture?


Thank you in advance. 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Giving new life to old furniture

Hello @Sugar


Thanks for sharing your question about filling the holes in your furniture. I suggest lightly sanding the tops of the holes to make sure that it does not have any splinters sticking out. I recommend using UNi-PRO 500g Multi-Purpose Interior Filler to fill the holes in the furniture. 


Once the filler is dry you can lightly sand it down until it is flat. I propose using Dulux 250ml White Sample Pot to paint over the filled holes. The purpose of the paint is to prevent it from getting dirty. If left unpainted the filler will slowly gather dirt and will be noticeable. 


To give your furniture an extra feature, I suggest putting on a timber panel at the top and timber feet to create the illusion that it is a custom-built bookcase


Here is a link to one of our featured projects:  Upcycled bookcase by @lieselroberts


Let me tag our experienced members @prettyliving@craftyhopper and @lifestylebymari for their recommendations.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.





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