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Garage organisation

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Garage organisation




A few months back my husband & I built some shelves and a workshop space in our garage. We don’t have a shed but we extended our garage when we built the house so we wanted to utilise that extra space so that we could still fit 2 cars in there if we wanted to.

My husband is a boiler maker by trade so he made up some heavy duty brackets at work, and then we used a timber benchtop from Bunnings for the workspace, and large boards of timber for the shelves up on the wall.
I also bought some plastic storage tubs from Bunnings and labelled them the old fashioned way (some cardboard & permi maker) so that everything is now easy to find.

It works a treat, and the garage now stays clean & organised a lot longer. 


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Re: Garage organisation

Hi @prettyliving,


Many thanks for sharing your project, it looks like a very functional system you've achieved there. Those brackets are certainly up to the job and you'd expect they could hold vastly more than any alternatives. I've recently switched from storing things in cardboard boxes to storage containers and I can say they are much more functional and easier to access things when you want them.


I trust our members will take some great inspiration from your project and we look forward to your next one.




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Re: Garage organisation

That's a great use of space.!

I'm still trying to downsize from a  100sqm to a 50sqm shed.  

Some tips

(a) fix up and paint the floor first ( my slab was really rough) 

(b) paint the floor and ceilings light colours (cream floor and white walls for me)

(c) fit ceiling foil to minimise dust and improve insulation (and minimise rust on your tools)

(d) fit dummy studs or battens if you have rough/uneven walls 

(e) use shelving rails and brackets, they are extremely useful, as you can move them around, and space them to take small plastic tubs.  They are surprisingly strong too, I stacked about 300kg of timber on one wall to get it out of the way while doing the rest of the shed.  I'm still optimising my shed, and I frequently take down the shelves brackets and  (various heights of )rails, and rearrange the rails (typically only 4x 50mm screws holding up a rail. It's great when you want to move a bench or cupboard around, just put back the rails/brackets/shelves to fill the gap. I use 450 wide on the top (about 300mm from ceiling) and 300mm wide shelves elsewhere, mostly.


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Re: Garage organisation

Thank you @SalBay . They are some great tips 👌🏻

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