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How to add guttering to sheds?

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How to add guttering to sheds?

Hi everyone,


Ok this might be a bit of a tough job but here goes.


We have two sheds and the property we're located on is on quite a slope. The issue is whenever it rains, water pools between the old crappy retaining wall and the bottom shed which means water comes into the floor of the shed. I gapped the floors and tried to clean as much leaf litter rubbish in the gap behind the shed but it only slows the water. Whenever there is a decent downpour it comes in.


Now neither the bottom shed or the top shed have any guttering, so as soon as it rains, water comes down from the top shed roof and the bottom shed roof directly into the tight gapped area behind the bottom shed (I know pretty confusing, see if the images help). Anyway the retaining wall and the sheds themselves have seen better days so they will have to be replaced at some point. In the mean time, i'm looking for the cheapest and simplest way to gutter the back side of the bottom shed and also the side of the top shed roof that is dripping directly into the gap behind the bottom shed.


I cannot physically get behind the bottom shed as it's too tight. But what i was thinking was putting a diagonally sloping gutter behind the bottom shed in the tight gap, wedging it between the retaining wall and the shed or drilling it in place if i can. I cannot put a gutter on the roof due to the retaining wall being too close to the shed. I'd then also gutter the top shed roof and have the gutter then slope off to the left of the top shed to the side of the property where there is a steep run off. Now i've never done guttering before but do know that neither shed has a fascia so how would i attach the guttering to the shed and what would be the cheapest and simplest guttering to use.


Or if you guys have any other suggestions, i'm all ears!







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Re: How to add guttering to sheds?

Hello @blaker88


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's awesome to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your question about guttering.


Thank you for sharing the pictures of your shed. I can understand what you mean when you say that there is very little space behind the shed. The easiest guttering to use is a Holman 90mm x 3m PVC Stormwater Pipe


Here are the steps for you to create a D.I.Y. gutter:


  • Lay the 90mm pipe on the ground and draw a line on the pipe from one end to the other. Draw another line 25mm away from the other line. 


  • Using a hack saw or multi-tool cut along the lines you've drawn. You now have a 25mm gap along the full length of the 90mm PVC pipe.


  • Attach and glue a Holman 90mm Push On PVC Storm Cap at one end of the 90mm pipe. I suggest using the small end of the cap to force the PVC end to keep its shape.




One end of the 90mm pipe will be open and I recommend using a Rain Harvesting 90mm Leaf Eater Original Rain Head to catch the water and redirect it to where you want it to go. You can apply this D.I.Y. gutter to the other areas that need them. If you have any other questions we can assist with, please don't hesitate to post them.


I've placed some sketches below so that you'll have an idea of how it's built and mounted.


Let me tag our experienced members @TedBear, @tom_builds and @JoeAzza for their recommendations.


If you need further assistance, please let us know.





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