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How to cut a table tennis racket?

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How to cut a table tennis racket?

Hi there

wonder if you could help me with a small project... 
I have a very thick/heavy 10mm table tennis blade and would like to cut it in half with Laser and make two 5mm ones... if that's possible, how much it would cost??
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Projects Editor

Re: How to cut a table tennis racket?

A warm welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community, @glim. We're delighted to have you join us and hope you find our site a handy resource for all your D.I.Y. projects.


Thanks for your question. Our resident D.I.Y. Bunnings expert @EricL will be online later today and will be happy to provide some suggestions on how to cut your table tennis racket.


In the meantime, let me tag our ever-helpful members @Dave-1@Super_D, @Jewelleryrescue and @TedBear to see if they have any thoughts.




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Re: How to cut a table tennis racket?

Good Morning @glim 

Now this is an unusual question! :smile: I do like different questions. I dont know of any lazer that will cut to that depth (or even half that depth) Someone with a band saw or probarly better a hobby type band saw as it will have less play for the fine tollerance of cutting you are asking. If the blade is 10mm then cutting it will use 1/2 a mm and keeping it true while cutting is my concern. 


A water cutter could potentially do it, but most people dont have access to one. You could hit up your local engineering places and they may have one and be kind enough to try something new?


The final port of call would be to look up your local mens shed and have a chat with them. There may be a few people that would have a go.


Id also like to offer a warm howdy and welcome you to tthe Bunnings community page :smile: There are lots of questions liks yours if you take a wander through the pages it may give you a few outside the box suggestions :).



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Re: How to cut a table tennis racket?

Hi @glim and @Dave-1 , not knowing much about table tennis blades, I have bookmarked this conversation to see what unfolds.

My reaction is that the cost and effort of cutting the blade, plus the fact that the handle will then become 2 half handles and each will need rebuilding, would outweigh the cost of buying 2 new blades. But I am interested in finding out the actual details of the project. 

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: How to cut a table tennis racket?

Hi @glim 



Sorry unless you have 2  extra rubber pads to glue on to new bats cut in half it wont work and the cut handle will no longer have a blanced symetrical grip. unless you fashion two new timber grip halves as well.   Any saw  cut down the middle of the blade will take out 1mm to 3mm so the bat halves will be  only 4mm thick at best.


Easiest way is to buy two new lighter paddles you like, I like the paddles smooth but grippy one side and textured on the  other. 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: anyone got tools to slice a 10mm table tennis racket into two 5mm slabs ?

Hello @glim 


Thanks for sharing your question about cutting your table tennis racket in half. I'm aware that lasers can cut thin timber panels to create intricate pieces. However, I'm not aware of how deeply they can cut into timber. As an alternative, I suggest having a look at the Craftright 3 In 1 Multi Saw Set. In the set you will find a blade called a dovetail blade. It's made for precision cuts and its ideal for cutting your racket in half.


Let me call on our experienced member @Super_D for their recommendations.


If you have any other questions we can help with, please let us know.




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Re: How to cut a table tennis racket?

Good morning,

This is a very different request, I also like them as they di make me think.

The laser would not work for this, at the moment I am thinking belt sander,

on both sides as this would be 2.5mm on both sides to get to the 5mm.
Or you could try and make your on bat from scratch, event if you use the handle from the other bat. 

If I think of any thing else I will let you know...

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