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How to glue metal to metal?

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How to glue metal to metal?

Good morning,

I try to find a solution to a problem that concerns me since ever I have bought my second hand ute. 
A second hand lockable tray was installed that can’t get locked. So the back of my ute is open and accessible always. 
That’s not what I paid for… and I am carrying expensive equipment with me most times.

Instead of investing in another tray I had a specialised automotive locksmith look at it and he came up with a solution that seems undoable now. He initially said that I should drill a hole into the Utes back and attach an eye bolt; which I did. I then went and bought a carabiner with attached Velcro to attach to either side of both bolts. Great idea initially, 

and now comes the ‘but’ 

how am I supposed to screw the washer and nut to the eye bold through and under the plastic if I can’t reach in between the plastic and the metal?  There’s no hole on the other end as it’s the tailboard of the vehicle; which is closed.

I can’t weld and don’t know anyone who does.

Is there any glue that’s strong enough for me to glue it on so that I can screw in the eye bold from the top?


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Re: Glue metal to metal

Hello @Sybilla the plastic trim on the inner edge of the tail gate is removable, behind which is the structure of the door, partially removing the trim would allow sufficient access as no glue will provide the strength of joint you are seeking. 

Why couldn't the original lock be repaired? 🤔

Surely some type of sliding bolt latch would be preferable?  OR even a online tutorial on how to repair the latch yourself?



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Glue metal to metal

Hi @Sybilla,


Thank you for your question and welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community, it's brilliant to have you with us.


I was thinking very similarly to @DIYGnome that the plastic liner should be removable so that you can install the eye bolt as originally intended then clip it back in place. 


There are very strong construction adhesives such as Selleys 350g Liquid Nails Heavy Duty, but they will not stand up to the dynamic forces applied to them over time.


If possible, can you take some photos of the damaged latch? I am with DIYGnome that the best solution would be to fix the original latch or replace it with some kind of mechanical latch.


Let me know if you have further questions.




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Re: Glue metal to metal


Thanks for your reply. 
my apologies if I wasn’t clear enough before.
I’m aware that the plastic is removable (I am on job site and didn't have my impact driver a with me which made it impossible for me to unscrew the plastic cover, to take a picture of the actual problem/ for the solution that the locksmith came up with.)


According to him the latch is too low and instead of going above the latch hanging from the tailboard and to lock onto it, it’s getting pushed back. He mentioned that if he lifts it it will be too high and will probably fall over the latch. No matter what I’m basically screwed atm as nothing I do makes it lock it.
It was a job done by someone I didn’t choose and that person has also used a second hand tray which I wasn’t informed about as well. 

like I said before; I’m beyond frustrated as nothing works as it should and my tools are completely exposed to anyone at any given point.


apologies if my explanation is poorly worded. I’m a non-English mother tongue and don’t know every word in detail yet.


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Re: Glue metal to metal


thanks for your response


 I kept emailing and calling the car sales person to fix the situation but they stopped answering my calls and emails as they were sick of me trying to solve the issue at their expense!
unfortunately they were interstate and I can’t just drive to Sydney to try making them fix their f$&@ up!


Unfortunately, your suggestion won’t work either as I can’t get behind the plastic panels on the sides. 
I’m quite capable of using tools but at some point even I draw the line at what I’m able to do and what not.
I’m happy to learn new skills but unless someone takes the time and shows me I’m often stuck with watching YouTube tutorials and still don’t understand what I’m supposed to do.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Glue metal to metal

Hi @Sybilla,


I completely understand your frustration as I had a similar situation with my ute where one side of the tray had broken so I could only secure it on one side, however my toolboxes were separate and lockable, so the issue wasn't quite as nerve wracking. 

I'd really love to help brainstorm a solution with you because I understand how worrying it is to carry expensive tools, that you rely on for an income, without adequate security.

With your registration plate covered, would it be possible to take a few more photos of the overall back end of your ute? 


It is hard to come up with something from the snapshots you've taken. A wider shot of what we're dealing with will certainly help. Seeing the tray back both open and closed would certainly also help.

My understanding from your description is that the tray of your ute has been replaced so the latch doesn't line up correctly with a canopy meaning it's not lockable at present.


Allow me to tag some of our knowledgeable members who I think will be able to help us come up with a solution, @Dave-1, @Noyade, @Jewelleryrescue.


I look forward to helping you further.




Home Improvement Guru

Re: Glue metal to metal

Afternoon @Sybilla 

I dont know of any glues that would stand up to that sort of punishment 😕 As @JacobZ has asked the next question about some more wider shots of the tray and the back  of the ute that I would normally I ask I will wait for the photos if possible and have a think about how I could secure the tray.



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Re: Glue metal to metal

Good evening @Dave-1 @JacobZ 

It’s too late to take more pictures today as it’s too dark. I will leave that for tomorrow morning, but please believe me when I’m saying that I’m beyond grateful that you both want to jog your brain for a solution for me. 👍🏼😍
I’m at a point where I have to leave job site every 30 minutes to check whether my gear is still complete. It’s not viable to work like that; not to mention that I can’t go anywhere without constantly having to empty the back of my car or I’m in constant fear that someone might steal something. 

Growing in Experience

Re: Glue metal to metal

Hi Jacob, 

long story short: I bought the ute with a tarp but arranged with the car dealer to replace it with a lockable tray (for safety reasons). 
he hired a dodgy guy who not only didn’t do the right thing but also installed a second hand tray. 
I’ve got no problem using second hand stuff as long as everything works, but this isn’t the case nor ever was it. 
I have only NOW found out that the tray’s brand name is called Mountaintop (no signage anywhere!) and went to a Ford dealer. The gentleman at the spare parts was extremely nice and knowledgeable and made time for us to look at the yard to find if there was anywhere a car with such tray and we were lucky enough that this was the case. 
He was also able to tell me that Ford has taken these trays out of their range as it continues having issues. He recommended that mobile specialised car locksmith who came to job site the very next day. 
Unfortunately he had only 3 solutions of which 2 were extremely expensive (1. Remove the back part of where the key is attached to to the tray and replace it with a new one. Parts are $600 without installation, 2. Replace the opening lever of the tailboard with an electric motor and connect it to the rest of the car’s electric; part is around $550 minus the installation which has to be done by a special electrician technician and we are talking about big $$$ here; and as a third version and the most inexpensive one he suggested to drill in between those two things - the plastic sheet and the metal on top. Once it’s done I should look at getting a metal piece or similar that connects the already existing hook at the inside of the ute to an additional socket once the back is shut closed. Sounds complicated but actually isn’t. It is actually a great idea, however I’m good, but I’m not that good that I can squeeze my hands between metal and the plastic to attach the washer and nut; unless I drill a hole in the back - which I refuse to do for obvious reasons ! ☝🏼😂😇

I will send more pictures tomorrow morning once the daylight is out as it’s too dark now. 

A few more information in case it’s necessary:

- my utes model  is an LDV.

- lockable tray is a Mountaintop.

- inside the ute are movable trays which were installed by a professional cabinet maker but non lockable as I need every single cm usage in this space/ area.


Thanks again for thinking of something to help me out here. 
I’m seriously desperate for a long term and safe solution; and preferably as inexpensive as possible as I’ve already spent several thousands on something that doesn’t work!

Enjoy your evening.

We talk tomorrow again.



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Re: Glue metal to metal



Good morning 
@Dave-1 @JacobZ ,


 hope you two slept well.


The second picture shows the level to open the tailboard. 
There’s no keyhole anywhere and on the right is the reverse camera installed.


The third picture was the explained idea of that locksmith technician. Drilled a hole into the plastic and metal to then attach an eye bolt to it so once it’s shut to close it within the open space from the top. I’m short so I’d have to go onto my tow bar to do it on either side; but I don’t mind as I’m used to climbing things due to my height.

it was a great idea but won’t work since I can’t push my hand between the plastic and the metal to push the eye bolt through and screw on the washer and the nut at the same time. 
I was now thinking of hiring someone to have it welded onto the bottom back of the metal inside tailboard. This way I could screw the eye bold from the top through plastic and metal. 
what do you think will that work? 

the other picture shows the amount of holes that guy drilled to attach the not closing latch. I removed it to remove the plastic and haven’t put it back on yet. Doesn’t matter really since the lock won’t lock anyway.


Waiting patiently for your ideas. 
Thanks guys.

Have a great Sunday.










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