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How to glue metal to metal?

Growing in Experience

How to glue metal to metal?

Good morning,

I try to find a solution to a problem that concerns me since ever I have bought my second hand ute. 
A second hand lockable tray was installed that can’t get locked. So the back of my ute is open and accessible always. 
That’s not what I paid for… and I am carrying expensive equipment with me most times.

Instead of investing in another tray I had a specialised automotive locksmith look at it and he came up with a solution that seems undoable now. He initially said that I should drill a hole into the Utes back and attach an eye bolt; which I did. I then went and bought a carabiner with attached Velcro to attach to either side of both bolts. Great idea initially, 

and now comes the ‘but’ 

how am I supposed to screw the washer and nut to the eye bold through and under the plastic if I can’t reach in between the plastic and the metal?  There’s no hole on the other end as it’s the tailboard of the vehicle; which is closed.

I can’t weld and don’t know anyone who does.

Is there any glue that’s strong enough for me to glue it on so that I can screw in the eye bold from the top?


Growing in Experience

Re: Glue metal to metal

@Dave-1 I will send you a picture once I get home and remove the plastic cover. 
still on job site atm

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Glue metal to metal

"Can I do it myself without getting a PHD first?"


Yes! @Sybilla Comes in a kit - available at Bunnings, Total tools, etc.


Imagine that bolt indicated below is your eyebolt.






Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Glue metal to metal

Hi @Sybilla,


Just to add to what @Noyade has said, a nut rivetter such as this Kincrome 85 Piece Nut Riveter Kit is very easy to use and sounds like a brilliant option for you.


Re: Glue metal to metal

Hi @Sybilla 

The inside  eye bolt wont close it properly. Always open to  allow an arm through  I have a  ute and did the following.


I would  use 2  hasp and staple latches with your tail gate and top  cover closed. One  each  side of the middle and a good padlock each side will work. also work as visual deterant. 


A hasp and staple will attach easy to the top plastic cover externally and will allow to to bend it over the edge to reach the lower staple mounting position.  This system  will ensure  no one can open the rear of your ute  unless extreme force used. 


Simply position the top hinge side of the hasp onto the plastic lid and make the  hole positions, Bend the staple so it is vertical (flush  with ute  tail gate in closed position)  Like wise mark the the staple onto tail gate (the metal  loop bit that goes through the flat metal strap and use large security door  rivets. (preferably) and or screws to position the hasp.

This is all done on the out side of the ute.


If  need be the metal  hasp strap will can be bent to shape over a corner to align with  hasp with staple  allowing for the angle of the top cover to still meet with the utes metal tail gate.


There are longer  hasps and staples avaliable look around if  need  be to a the extra length will be needed to properly allow for the bend from the top to the lower shackle to fit properly, 

Hope this makes sense.


Only down side is zinc plated  hasps rut up eventually so pre paint them with metal  paint also wrap cloth tape around  padlock bodies to stop them rattling.

Pinnacle 90mm Zinc Plated Safe Pattern Hasp And Staple

I/N: 0080668



Re: Glue metal to metal

Good morning @Jewelleryrescue

I will have to go to Bunnings or Tool Kit Depot after work and show someone this explanation (which seems like a good idea?!).

I’m sure they’ll be able to explain it to me so that I can understand what you explained in detail and give it a shot, 

I thought I’d speak and understand English 😂 but I obviously don’t 😇

Because at this point I feel like you’re talking in a foreign language to me. 
Looks like I’ve got a lot to learn!


 keep in touch if I have further questions. Thanks.

Meanwhile have a great day.



Growing in Experience

Re: Glue metal to metal

Good morning @JacobZ 

I will go to Bunnings or Tool Kit Depot after work and ask them to show me what exactly that is and if I’m capable of using / doing this myself.


@Jewelleryrescue @JacobZ @Noyade @Dave-1 

I’ll be in touch.

Thanks for all your help and support.

It’s very much appreciated.

Meanwhile have a great day.



Growing in Experience

Re: Glue metal to metal











@Jewelleryrescue @JacobZ @Noyade @Dave-1 @DIYGnome 


Good evening gentlemen ( & woman in case I missed something here;)

I’d like to inform you that my problem has been resolved BY CHANCE!!!


I decided to go to Bunnings before work instead of after!

I asked two people if they could explain your messages to me; first one was clueless and the second one said it sounded very complicated; more than it should. 😣
Not helpful, but I am no one giving up easily…


I happen to run into a boilermaker/ turner and fitter by trade on my way back to my car who happen to not only have time for me/ this, but according to him likes to fiddle around with things and loves (new) challenges /challenging tasks…


He read all your messages and then explained to me what you suggested to eventually make it to my ute to actually look at the project/ problem!


We ended up going several times back into the store to get new things and tools and I’m sure that I’ve hurt him laying on the plastic which squeezed between his arm and the metal while I pushed the eye bolt through the plastic and then metal so he could screw it into the washer and nut with the help of the later purchased set of spanners; although he denied it. 

Anyway, 2.5 hours and a big hug and smile later I was able to drive off to job site knowing my gear is safe from now on!


 I would like to thank EACH AND EVERYONE of you for taking the time to help and support me by making suggestions on how to fix this.
It means the world to me.

Have a wonderful evening and great week everyone.


Kind regards,



Home Improvement Guru

Re: Glue metal to metal

Good Evening @Sybilla 

Hahahha :smile: Good news story for the night! And Way to go Random Bunnings Customer for the help! :smile: Love it.

So many times I have recieved help from a random and also been that person to give help, Its beautiful to hear the story. I am sure everyone in here has done that.


So glad your problem is fixed and I am sure you will sleep a lot better tonight!

btw, love the photos and it really looks like its where we were going description wise :smile:



Just Starting Out

Re: How to glue metal to metal?

No, glue won't hold an eye bolt for securing cargo. Check out metal epoxy at Total Tools for a more permanent solution, but consider if there's another way to access the backside of the tray. 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Glue metal to metal

Hi @Sybilla,


That's fantastic. I'm so happy to hear you've found a solution to your problem and can sleep tight knowing that your tools are secure.


Having worked in Bunnings stores for 9 years, I have seen many times the kindness of our Trade customers when they've seen someone struggling with a problem. It's always wonderful to see good people helping others out.

Keep us in mind if you ever run into another problem that you can't quite work out. We're always here to help.




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