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How to hang a server rack on a brick wall?

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How to hang a server rack on a brick wall?

Hey team, 

Just after some advice. I've hung a server rack in my garage, it's a 12ru server rack. The weight of the cabinet is about 35kg. I want to put roughly 60kgs into it.


Ive been looking a different fixings and am unsure what would be suitable.


It is a single brick garage. 

I have hung the cabinet up using RamSet 14Gx45mm masonry screws. But am just a bit concerned that it won't be suitable. I have used 6 of them



I've been told to use the RamSet 40mm wall plugs in conjunction with the RamSet screws. But from what I can tell, this will lower the capacity of the screws?


Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated 




Screws used






Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to hang a server rack on a brick wall?

Hi @jct,


Thank you for your question and welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community, it is fantastic to have you with us.


There are strong anchors such as these Ramset 12 x 75mm Galvanised AnkaScrew Masonry Anchor which would offer a lot more shear strength than the ones you have currently used, however, I would suggest that a cumulative weight of 95kg is far more than advisable when mounted high on a brick wall. 


A problem with this setup is that regardless of the anchor used, the weight of the rack is pulling on the individual bricks it is attached to. Up high in the wall, the bricks don't have the benefit of the 20 courses of brick above them applying downward force on them to help hold them in place. It is entirely possible that at this height, the bricks can roll and be pulled straight out of the wall, which could cause considerable damage.


If you wanted to mount the server rack in this fashion, I would suggest you contact an engineer for an assessment as the possibility of failure of both the anchors and the wall is concerning at this height.


If you didn't want to go down this route, I would suggest building a frame out of timber to support the rack from underneath. This would stop the potential rolling of the bricks which could cause considerable damage. You could build a frame out of 70x35 Pine that would support the weight of the server from underneath and transfer the load down into the ground.


Let me know if you have any further questions.




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