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Garage and Shed

Help for garage and shed projects
Community Manager Jason
Community Manager
313 replies

Most Bunnings stores will happily provide you with free pallets whenever they are available. Just speak to one of the helpful team members in the Timb ...

Amassing an Audience
40 replies

We recently had our council hard rubbish clean up so figured it was a good time to organise the storage under our stairs. Our biggest problem was a ...

Having an Impact
3 replies

I need to turn this allen head too many times to replace a treadmill belt. Not enough space to get my drill angle adapter in. Google shows Dewalt and ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

I think the gearbox on my Ozito SCMS-8MSS has failed. It hasn't had a lot of use and it's only 4.5 years old. It makes a screeching noise when the mot ...

Just Starting Out
2 replies

Hi There, We have a gap between our concrete floor and wall in our shed. I would like to seal and waterproof - I have looked at other posts but not su ...

Having an Impact
98 replies

Hi all, I am about to build a small wooden garden storage shed (3m wide x 2.4m deep) on a gravel base. I have been soaking up tutorials, reading the v ...

Finding My Feet
6 replies

Hello, Last year I bought 3 metal shelving units for my garage (Giantz 1.8M warehouse shelving racks). At the time I didn't realise that the shelving ...

Bunnings Team Member MitchellMc
Bunnings Team Member
349 replies

Many Bunnings stores offer a timber cutting service to help you get your wood home and get started on your project. Here are some frequently asked q ...

Building a Reputation
2 replies

Hi, What specific blade would I use for cutting particle board laminated with Melamine? Blades come in sets, which blade in the set do I use? Rega ...

Just Starting Out
5 replies

Just wondering the best, neatest way to seal the floor of this shed? The corrugated nature of the wall is vexing me. Thanks in advance  

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hi team, My garage is in a downward slope, below the ground level. the water from the foundation is seeping through the cove joint into the garage. ...

Finding My Feet
5 replies

hi I have existing bluestone paving where I want to mount a absco shed 3mx0.78m. Not wanting to damage or drill into bluestone I am Thinking of Bunnin ...

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