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Paint gun and spray painting - recommendations/suggestions please

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Paint gun and spray painting - recommendations/suggestions please

I have a set of race fairings coming for my motorbike and I intend to do the paint myself. It will be the first time I've done this sort of work - have previously rattle canned stuff.


I have a compressor with a 40L tank/180L per min so think that should be ok. Looking around it seems there are paint guns that only seem OK for a touch up job that cost $50 and then the price jumps to $200+ for pro units. Would appreciate a recommendation for something in between - I'm not going to be spray painting addicted after this, it is a one off job so don't want to fork out a fortune.


I've also been watching how to vids on the process and am across the basic process and the clean clean clean message at multiple stages. However, if someone has some "must-do" advice or a strong opinion on on whether to use 1pk or 2pk or whatever please let me know. Am keen to try and avoid muck-ups. Obviously I'm not expecting a pro finish and don't need one for this purpose, but I don't want them to look rubbish OTOH.




Avia Fibre Race Fairings Gel CoatAvia Fibre Race Fairings Gel Coat

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Paint gun and spray painting - recommendations/suggestions please

Hi @Monument,


A kit like the Ozito 3 Piece Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun Kit would be perfect for your project. It includes a 1.4mm gravity feed spray gun for painting the panels and a smaller 0.8mm touch-up gun for fixing any inconsistencies. You might like to use the touch-up gun to apply your clear coat as well. You also get an air regulator to ensure consistent pressure to the gun. 


Let me mention @JDE, @Kermit and @TedBear to see if they have any advice.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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