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Pavers for Keter Artisan shed base

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Pavers for Keter Artisan shed base

This is the 7x9 version, but the base shows what I hope can be done with pavers.This is the 7x9 version, but the base shows what I hope can be done with pavers.


The back of our house and area for eventual paving.The back of our house and area for eventual paving.



I am planning to buy a Keter Artisan shed and wanted some suggestions please on pavers for a shed foundation. Would bluestone pavers work? What would I need to consider in sizing and pricing pavers for a shed base? I’m thinking of the Artisan 7x7 shed and would like to extend the pavers beyond the shed on one side to create space for a garden bench. I would like to later use the same paver colour and type for landscaped pavers in sand around the back of our house and for a patio in front of the glass doors. I thought the shed base could be a good introductory project for my husband and I, as we haven’t done any kind of paving before. Very grateful for guidance! I’ve attached a photo of the back of our house in case that is useful.


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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Pavers for Keter Artisan shed base

Hi @SalingPusa,


It's recommended that you construct a timber or concrete base for the Keter 2160 x 2180 x 2260mm Artisan Shed.


A concern I would have with the pavers is that there are only eight fixture points in the base of that shed. In high winds, I don't believe your eight pavers would have enough weight to stop the shed from blowing away with them included. This is the same as steel sheds, as they are to be fixed to a concrete slab. Perhaps you could lay a 100mm re-enforced slab for the shed and then continue around it with the pavers?


You should find these step-by-step guides useful for the concrete slab: How to build formworkHow to mix concrete and How to level concrete. Here's a couple on paving: How to prepare and lay a base for pavers and How to lay pavers. @Adam_W's guide on How to lay paving for a path might also come in handy.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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