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Should I buy Ryobi or Makita?

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Should I buy Ryobi or Makita?

Getting into carpentry so im a beginner and just wondering what tool brand I should go with. 

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Re: Should I buy ryobi or makita

Welcome to Workshop @Todd1. We have loads of experienced woodworkers in the community who will be happy to guide you on your journey from beginner to expert! Feel free to post anytime you need a hand with anything or have something to share. 


This is a topic that regularly pops up on Workshop. I'd encourage you to check out this previous discussions and then come back with any specific questions you might have about specific models. It would also be helpful to know what kinds of projects you plan to tackle. 










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Re: Should I buy Ryobi or Makita?

Great question @Todd1 and welcome 😀

I'm a fan of Makita but also own Ryobi. Ryobi is great value given its pricepoint and quality, epsesh with its long warranty. In saying this, my dropsaw (gifted to me) has been replaced twice as it just can't handle being used as frequently as I do.


However Makita are better made tools. And they also have an awesome range. They're not too expensive either 


There's an obvious benefit in sticking with one brand so you have one battery for all tools.


Option one

Go all Makita for better quality tools at a good price point and as you build your skills and passion it'll save you upgrading later on - because you will want to.


Option two

Stick with Ryobi because they'll meet and even exceed your DIY/beginner needs.


Option three

Mix it up. Go with Ryobi for your less used tools and Makita for the more frequently used tools like a drill, jigsaw, circular saw.


Hope this helps.

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