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Some router options?

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Some router options?

Hi I've been looking at getting a second plunge router as my current one is loaded into my Triton table.


as it's a second tool I don't want to spend a fortune so I was looking at the Ozito. The problem is the Ozito will only take small router bits (6.35mm) but most of my bits are 12mm. So this spec is going to very limited appeal. 


Anyone have any ideas on options?  

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Re: Some router options?



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I trust members of the Workshop community will have suggestions for you about router options. 



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Re: Some router options?

Would this Ryobi be too much of a stretch?


I see the entry-level Ryobi is the same as the Ozito with 6.35 but the 1600W will take 6.35 & 12.7mm.


What do you make?



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Re: Some router options?

I'd suggest the same as @Kermit in this case @brysie. The Ryobi obviously costs more but besides the superior quality, you're going to save time and money on buying new bits for the Ozito which is going to set you back $70+ straight up...
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Re: Some router options?

Would you consider second hand? I've landed some top shelf tools (Festool) at bargain basement prices by shopping on-line.
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Re: Some router options?

I think having a smaller light weight 6.35mm Router is versatile especially on smaller work pieces, buy the bit you require as needed and soon you will have built up a collection.
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Re: Some router options?

I agree with @Andy_Mann. Gumtree and even pawn shops can have fantastic bargains. Older Makita routers can be pretty cheap and most will be made in Japan not China.

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Re: Some router options?

brysie, you haven't given us any sort of budget to work with here. Depends on if you have a particularly leaning towards a certain brand or if you only have a certain amount of cash to spend. With 12mm bits in hand it sort of cuts out a few of the lesser brands and only brings into play the higher-end guys like DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee and Makita. Going second-hand might be the go if your budget is only small though.

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