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T Fitings

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T Fitings

Hi everyone

I am just wondering if anyone would know where i can purchase a 4" T-Dust extractor fitting here in Australia, or even any size?




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Bunnings Team Member

Re: T Fitings

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community Phil (@pneri). Many thanks for your question, I'd be happy to assist.


It's great to have you join us and we look forward to helping fit out your dust extractor. Was it a proprietary system, or were you building it yourself? Quite often in home-built systems, people will use PVC pipe fittings. There is the Holman 100mm FF PVC DWV Plain Junction which could be adapted to suit your pipe.


Our helpful members might know of some suppliers that deal specifically in dust extraction unit fittings. Let me mention @woodenwookie, @WoodenGregsWood and @Poppop to see if they might like to join in the discussion and offer some advice.




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Re: T Fitings

I'm going to sit this one out. I'm in New Zealand and have only been out of the country once for two days in Sydney. 😂

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Re: T Fitings

I found PVC fittings don't really work as they measure from outside or is it inside, anyway they don't fit because 100mm PVC fittings is not equal to 100mm dust extraction fitting.  


The 4" dust extract fittings I ended up using for my laser cutter I found at Carbatec online

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