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Camper conversion insulation

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Camper conversion insulation

Insulate.pngJust starting on the project. What type of insulation have you used please? I will insulate a MWB mercedes sprinter, wall, ceilling and floor. Have kids and I was hoping to use something non allergenic which won't make us ichy. Thanks in advance for your help

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Re: Camper conversion insulation

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Juscopel. Many thanks for your questions, I'd be happy to assist.


It's fantastic to have you join us and great to hear about your camper project. Let me mention our resident caravan expert @Peggers to see if they might like to join the discussion. Were you going to insulate and then clad over the top of it with some type of panelling? How much room, if any, are you prepared to sacrifice for the insulation and what type of temperature extremes do you expect to be using the camper in? Are there voids which could be filled with expanding foam or cut foam sheet? Perhaps some detailed pictures of the inside of the van could assist, as often the internal structure of the vehicle will dictate the best types of insulation to use.


You will find the majority of insulations these days are of a fairly low irritant type. It was mainly fibreglass varieties that would cause irritation as the glass fibres would fall off during installation. Today they are replaced with Earth wool varieties as they use no formaldehyde meaning its super soft, low itch and easy to handle. 


However, my advice would be for you to take a look at the Bradford black range of insulation which is hypoallergenic making it suitable for use in homes of asthma and allergy sufferers. It is available through the special orders desk at your local store.


I look forward to hearing from our knowledgable members on what they would recommend for your project.




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Re: Camper conversion insulation

This is great Mitchell. I will take some pictures and post updates for this project.

Starting on the installation of a second battery, solar panels, inverter etc. on next Weekend. In couple weeks then starting on the insulation and walls, floors etc. 

I will lay the hard insulation on the floor. for walls I might take on your advice for the Bradford range. For the floor I'm not quite sure then if I lay a 6mm plywood as a underfloor and vinyl on top or just go for a thicker plywood sheet, like 12mm on top of hard insulation. Everyone is saying the same thing, it is about what do you want to do after. I reckon I want to have a floor reliable that will resist to kids, dog and mess/water. I'm planning on building the bed,draws underneath and a little kitchen. We will use the van for daily commute so I don't want it to be too heavy. 

I will be back to this chat for sure. Its great to have a input and your feedback.





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