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The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

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The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

Hi All, I wanted to know what everyones opinions are on what  you think the best brands of power tools are for professionals, the at home DIYer and the one time users.


My personal preferences are as follows: 


Professional (top of the range):

1. DeWalt

2. Makita 

3. AEG

4. Bosche Blue



1. Ryobi

2. Bosche Green

3. Ozito Power Xchange (red)


One time user:

1. Ozito

2. XU1

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Re: The Great Power Tools Debate - What is the best brand?

AEG all the way!

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Re: The Great Power Tools Debate - What is the best brand?

You did leave out Festool, I can't justify the 4x price premium.
Hilti that they would rather rent you tools.
Milwaukee was a bit meh at their offering.

Triton router to put in a table is almost a given.

I went Bosch blue as it had most of what I wanted even if I have to import the 32mm guide rail and the 18v nailer seems to have vanished from sale. Over.
AEG nice black kit was missing things that I wanted though.
DeWalt was close to what I wanted.

I do have another brand drill kit that is fast to discharge and slow to recharge.
Some corded metalworking tools mostly Makita.
Ozito plunge saw that I got just before the Triton hobby saw was released.
Got a replacement table saw for the one my father built ordered today.
Cheap nasty mitre saw will go soon.
Some corded Bosch green.

Garden went Ozito for the cordless blower vac, it struggles in the war on gumnuts but the trimmer and shears are ok.
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Re: The Great Power Tools Debate - What is the best brand?



I would agree with your selection of brands for that purpose.  I had a full suite of Hilti cordless tools but recently sold them because spares/repairs were too expensive.  


I have a full suite of Ryobi 18+ that my apprentices over the last 6-7 years have abused and all are still going strong (abeit a bit worse for wear).  These I also use in the shed at home.


I fully recommend Makita power tools.  Have heard too many complaints about their cordless models (skins ok but battery life a bit disappointing).  


DeWalt is made by Black and Decker and I have noticed over the years that they seem to be dwindling away, especially in the building trade.


Bosch Blue look very interesting and I recently bought a laser line level which is quiet good and very accurate.  I will be looking to replace my current gear with this in the future.  However not all their product range is actually available in Australia and I need to investigate after sales service/spares.  


Festool is a great brand also, but $100 for 5 replacement bags for a vacuum is going a bit too far.  Not recommended for DIY.


The problem with cordless tools are, if you don't use them, the battery will eventually die and you won't be able to re-charge them.  So even for occasional use, I would still recommend a brand which converts to trickle charge so you can maintain your battery.




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Re: The Great Power Tools Debate - What is the best brand?

@JoshRaf - I am a huge Ryobi fan (especially the 1+ range). I have used them for all my home renovations projects to date and continue to increase the collection.
Reliable, robust, reasonably priced and not bad looking tools.

Keep up the good work!
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Re: The Great Power Tools Debate - What is the best brand?

When I bought my house I grabbed a Bosche "Green" kit from Bunnings - They have been great sofar and when I watch "Better homes and gardens" I get to see my tools getting used hahahahha.  The "green" Bosche ones are more for home DIY though  - The blue ones are more aimed at professional use I think (If you got the money and want Bosche - Id go blue if moneys no object but my green ones are working for me fine sofar at home)


I have a couple tradie mates though - and they swear by Milwaukee (seem to see alot of milwaukee tools on job sites locally too) and I have DIY mates who swear by Makita (home DIY'ers) Have heard good things about both those brands as well, my Green bosche have been good to me sofar at home though (my kit came with a spare battery as well was good)


Theres a youtube video around of Dewalt VS Milwaukee drills where they hook them up to each other for a "fight to the death"  (which is why i havnt mentioned Dewalt - Milwaukee annhilated dewalt to the point of breaking it so Milwaukee is probably the better option out of those 2 if comparing dewalt and milwaukee specifically)


My brother inlaw is a Ryobi +one(?) Fanatic - I gotta admit Im pretty impressed with the attachements and tools for those that are around now - He can even trim hedges/chainsaw/circular saw etc with his ryobi and it sure looks handy all his tools using the same battery and they have a huge range of tools available too.


Should mention - this is all just my opinion and what Ive heard around "the traps" - Im definatly not a tradie or hard on my tools at all (or even that good at using tools hahahhaha)


Bosche Green kit from BunningsBosche Green kit from Bunnings

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Re: The Great Power Tools Debate - What is the best brand?

in my opinion you cant go past de walt ryobi and ozito are good
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Re: The Great Power Tools Debate - What is the best brand?

I generally purchase RYOBI +1 tools they have been fairly reliable until recently. I the lower end batteries (those without a indicator) are pathetic and go flat quickly (beware buying kits that include these batteries as you will be disappointed). I notice also with the drills (not the bits) become very loose over time. I still favour the Ryobi even though some batteries as stated go flat. It is a choice which battery styles you want
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Re: The great power tools debate - What is the best brand?

i have dewalt high torque brushless motor drill and impact driver set. with two 5 amph batteries and a charger.

I use the drill with powerplanters


These and the drill have helped me so much with establishinh my new garden and digging 1 metere deep post holes for  my vertical gardens. I will share a post on these vertical garden ideas soon.


I get nothing from dewalt or power planter to say this. I am just  so happy with both.


The drill gets dirty and muddy when i digging holes but it cleans up like new.


Look forward to sharing more with people  in the future.powe planter.JPG

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Re: The Great Power Tools Debate - What is the best brand?

@Ian-h@mike1952 and @kelvinw,


Apologies for not reaching out sooner, but I just wanted to extend a very warm welcome to the Workshop community. We're pleased you have joined us and look forward to reading all about your projects and plans. Please feel free to post anytime you need a hand with anything or have something to share. And please let me know if you ever need assistance getting the most from the site, or have any feedback about how we can improve the Workshop site for you.


All the best,




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