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Thoughts on Ozito tools?

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Thoughts on Ozito tools?

Hi all,


I'm sort of an intermediate amatuer woodworker and have been using a Black and Decker Matrix drill driver for a number of years. I recently purchased an Ozito Line Trimmer and Blower combo from Bunnings and then after purchasing that got the battery and charger pack with the 4.0mAh battery because the charger that comes with the kit was super slow. I really like this kit and it has done a stellar job of dismantling the weeds we've accumulated due to weather stopping us getting to them. 🤣😇


Due to my use of pocket holes in a number of projects and the fact that Little Woodie stole my Ozito Screwdriver I ended up getting the 18V Impact Driver Skin and I really like it.


My Matrix is getting a little long in the tooth and is still on the original batteries (over 6 years old now) but I've also built up quite a collection of heads for it and most get used often but I'm finding the drill to be a little under powered. So I'm thinking of getting the Brushless Hammer Drill skin to take the drilling load off. Is it a reasonable drill for the range it sits in? I'm finding that I needed to go to the hammer drill attachment in order to get cleaner pocket holes but they're still a bit manky and I noticed the Ozito one spins faster still so maybe that'll be cleaner still.


While I don't have much need for the hammer drill ability I find it has been needed to hang a couple of things in my workshop where one wall is concrete block.


I actually have a very real need to go cordless because currently I'm running a 25m extension lead to my workshop to get power into it (long story but my wife decided the sleepout was going to be her office which incidentally has just ended up being the junk room). I like the Ozito stuff and while the higher end brands would be nice frankly I can neither afford them nor can I use them to their fullest (in fact the drills from say Milwaukee and DeWalt actually kind of hurt my wrist which was damaged in a motorcycle crash a few years ago).


I know these questions get asked all the time and they are relative but I'd like to hear how others get on. So far for me the use has been positive but I just need a little reassurance that the investment will be worth it.


Thanks folks.

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Re: Thoughts on Ozito tools?

Hi @woodenwookie,


Welcome to Workshop and apologies for the slow reply. We're pleased you could join us and look forward to reading all about your woodworking projects. 


I'm surprised your post hasn't had any replies as yet as tools are always a popular topic, particularly amongst our woodworking community members. Perhaps if you described some of the projects you plan on tackling with the gear, it might help members provide you more informed advice. 


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Hope that helps get you started...




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Re: Thoughts on Ozito tools?

Ozito are fantastic little tools for most DIYer's, if used correctly and what they are designed for they are a very capable tool, would have no hesitation in recommending them :smile:

The new range if tools are more than enough to get you started on most jobs, 

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Re: Thoughts on Ozito tools?

@woodenwookie  I haven't used Ozito before but if you have fairly simple needs, then the entry level tools will be fine.


However, if you see your needs increasing in the short-medium term, it'd be worth jumping on the Ryobi range. I'm a Makita user but have Ryobi for my tools which I use rarely. Ryobi are great quality and value. It'd be a shame to buy a bunch of Ozito base don your current usage/needs, then only have to buy Ryobi or otherwise when the time comes. Just a thought :smile:

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Re: Thoughts on Ozito tools?

I’m not too keen on Ryobi. Dad’s got them and killed a couple of drills already and he uses them less than me. That being said apparently Ozito are made by the same company that makes Rigid and they seem to be getting great reviews in the States.

My needs are sort of in between noob and amateur but so far Black and Decker has been fine for me and I’d consider Ozito to be on the same level and B&D and Ryobi. I took the plunge and went for Ozito and I’m real happy with them.
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Re: Thoughts on Ozito tools?

Sorry to hear about your motor cycle accident that now limits your use of high Torque drills
Others might wish to consider The Bosch PROtection Range with

Kickback Control: Increased Tool Control and User Protection

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Re: Thoughts on Ozito tools?

Man, that’s what I really need but can’t afford 😁.


I like Bosch stuff because they’re a company of thinkers. If/when I can afford that sort of gear I’ll move that way and the anti-kickback mechanism in the drills are a brilliant idea. Not sure why no one else has thought of it until now.

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Re: Thoughts on Ozito tools?

Just gave my Ozito impact drill and Ozito drill drivers a bit of a go today. I mounted my workbench to the wall because I was getting tired of setting it up and dismantling it from the trestles I had it on. Now with it in a permanent location I can set everything up and know where everything is.

It required predrilling and then screwing and each performed their tasks admirably. True it's early days yet and the task at hand wasn't too much of a run but little tasks often can be just as hard as bit tasks rarely.

One thing I really love over my Black and Decker Matrix is that the Ozito drill driver's chuck doesn't require two hands. I find with my line of work (I ride a motorcycle as a postie) my hands wear smooth and that affected my grip on the B&D but with the Ozito it's simply a matter of grip the chuck and the tightening is simply a matter of countering the twist as a result of the chuck catching. Drill didn't slip out once which is a nice change.
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Re: Thoughts on Ozito tools?

Hi loeededwoodie you will find Ozito battery tools adequate for your needs if you have managed with Black and Decker,power change has similar torque to Makita, the skins for Ozito are very economical and you can build up quite a collection fairly quickly.The Ozito cordless saw is right handed where many of the other brands are left hand.My major renovation has been achieved with mostly the Ozito Power xchange Range.which use the same battery as you already have for your blower.


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Re: Thoughts on Ozito tools?

Hey There,

So with the range, you can get at Bunnings in the DIY tool section there is sort of 3 levels.
XU1 (Good), Ozito (Better), Ryobi (Best). From personal experience stay well clear of XU1 Cordless drill, just not the best quality at all.
The Ozito 18v range is better, good range of tools and a somewhat decent quality build. Over the years position have changed there battery size so this making some of their older tools unable to buy extra skins and so on.

However, then you have Ryobi... The King of DIY at Bunnings. Some of the main pros of Ryobi are:
-6 Year Warranty
-Never changed their 18v Battery (tools from 20 years ago will work on a brand new battery and vice-versa)
-Owned by TTI so design and technology is passed down from 2 big trade brands AEG & Milwaukee
-Have over 80 18v Skins to choose from...
and lots more, a good starter kit at the moment is this one ( )
4 Ah Battery and a Hammer Drill.

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