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How to build shelves for corrugated fence?

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How to build shelves for corrugated fence?

Hi Everyone. 
I think I’m going to end up spending hours on here lol Hopefully it will keep me from buying so many bulbs online which is what my question is really about. I have corregated iron fencing and wanted an idea for how to build shelves or use pellets etc for hundreds of small pots from 7cm to about 12cm for splitting up all my bulbs that will be put at the gate for sale. I have wood, iron and pellets and other bits and peices in my handy piles and really prefer to use things I have as most of my money goes on my animals which I’m mad about besides my bulbs. I have quite a few health problems and in a lot of pain 24/7 with spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia and brittle bones but I don’t like sitting around and brought a bigger house and 3 acres so my animals would have an extra 2 acres. Unfortunately since then a lot have died and that’s when I got into bulbs. I don’t have enough long lengths of wood to reach between the posts so wondering if cutting up pellets and screwing them onto the posts would work. I thought maybe 3 on each post with a board across the front so they don’t fall off and maybe painted white with a black name tag and paint pens once I work out what is what after a bad wind blew about 300 tags out of different varieties lol will add a photo of the fence and a a few of my collection. I thought it might keep them dry in the dormant season rather than me having to try and find places and more hundreds and hundreds of pots. Any ideas please and thanks 🙏  please excuse the gard en at the moment. Have about 12 times that much at least so trying to get all the bulbs that can stay out into gardens to cut down on the work with the pots but still keep the varieties separated. 



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Re: shelves for on corregated fence


Hi @Funnyfarm 


I guarantee we  can do sometime my parents all built there backyard out of op shop stuff like iron beds turn into trelisis and fences and a   whole list didnt cost a cent but they where operating with a car trailer to bring stuff home as a big help.


But the hardest part about your  project is your possible physical limitations eo you will have to guide on that as we  put ideas forward.


Ok you on a zero dollar budget  lets  try work to that and once you thing you like my ideas we can build on that or modifiy on the run.


I think the simplest idea is to use those big gray bricks  called besser blocks. They are $3.20 each but you can buy a couple at atime and not break the bank They wiegh about 13kg each is that to heavy?  if it is there are half thickness ones a bit lighter.


So my simple idea is to get some besser blocks 2 at a time and make mini walls on top of the walls sit your pallets or long broads you  find to make a mini raised shelf.  Then  put  few more bedsser bricks  (as they mostly quite stable ) on top of the pallets over the other besser block and make shelve no 2 with another pallet on top  Out the front you can  gradually build up a besser walls /2 bessers high with to make a pallet table to put your stock on.


If  bessers are too heavy the old  milk crates are still around they pretty strong .

You  will need  help to lift pallets.


On the  ground lay free used carpet squares from  your local flooring shop as it costs them money dispose of  so a win win. to keep ground  pots free of ground weeds.


Well you talk  now is this starting to look like possible plan?

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: shelves for on corregated fence

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Funnyfarm. It's marvellous to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about building shelving.

Some great advice there from @Jewelleryrescue.


Did you say you have some pallets? They would be perfect for creating the sides of your shelves. You start with two pallets on their edge and screw some timber between them for your shelves. Once you have a  solid base, you could add another two pallets on their sides for a second level. Given you are working with the bits and pieces you have there, perhaps you might like to take some pictures of the objects you'd like to use to build the shelves and our helpful members might have further ideas.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Re: shelves for on corregated fence

Hi @Funnyfarm

I like  @MitchellMc  ideas turning the pallets on there edge that way you can  easy slot in plank like timber etc at different heights all you have to do is cut planks to length a relative  simple task,


As  pallets  have  different  timbers on each side shelving can  look different  You can  even cannibalis other  pallets for their timber stats for shelfs and  if you can  afford  paint them say "monument " color and you will have shelving  that looks great at minimal cost.


Remenber many places are looking to get  rid of pallets phone  a couple of places and see if they will deliver for free  but do insure you both agree on pallet quantity as you dont want a whole truck load of them

Re: shelves for on corregated fence

Hi, awesome ideas. I have some blocks and a huge pile of normal bricks and a big pile of pavers lol my “come in handy piles” I call them and have had a lot of flack from Freinds calling it rubbish over the years till they needed something and were broke then changed their minds lol the big blocks I can move a couple at a time on the sack barrow but I tried them and the bulbs didn’t get enough sun in the only spots I could put them and I need to keep the longer bits of timber to hopefully get some shelters built for the ponies over summer. I have a couple of handy boarders but don’t like asking for help so try to save them for the big jobs. I’ve been collecting cardboard boxes and we have a big pile of wood chips. Also have rolls of black plastic and weed mat but weedmat just annoys me and I’ve just finished pulling up the stuff that looked 10 years old lol I’m thinking pellets might be the easiest thing. I have a few places round town I can get them and have a few here. I didn’t know about the carpet squares so might have to check that out for the dogs kennels and the emus bedroom cause it’s a concrete floor and she is getting older so even though she has carpets and those kids foam mats another couple of layers underneath her long skinny legs so thanks heaps for that idea. 

Re: shelves for on corregated fence

Hi 👋 

This was my best and easiest idea I think. Believe me you don’t want of all my piles spread round the paddock at the moment but will definitely put up before and after photos. It does take me a while to get things done though and I’m fighting grass grub and god knows what else at the moment. Half the house was built too many years ago and you can’t get under it to insulate and now I’ve started getting things pulled out you can see the rain has all been going straight under the house and started rotting floor boards in my bedroom and bugs have invaded so I retreated to the lounge till the sheets of new flooring arrive and have a lot of gaps to fill so I never want them all deciding to camp inside after the spray man has done his thing again. 
thanks heaps 😆

Re: shelves for on corregated fence

Hi, yip pellets was my number one idea and my boarder has a trailer I can use and I’m storing a friend’s 4x4 at the moment I can always borrow. Although my boarder wouldn’t mind picking up any he goes past. Probably have about 50 cans of paint in the shed and most are still alright especially for jobs like this. 

Re: shelves for on corregated fence

I think I’d like your parents. I spend all my bad weeks when I can’t move coming up with more projects with things from my handy piles and the next one is painting all the baths I got for the horses water but now can’t tip out and scrub and I have collected a lot of gardening themed stencils so I’m going to turn them into my rock gardens for my alpine plant collection. I have about 8 beer crates I want to do something with too before someone manages to sneak them out the gate lol 

Re: shelves for on corregated fence

Hi @Funnyfarm 

I was talking carpets ripped up from peoples rooms when they  replace carpet in the house  plus the under felt for cushioning they need to pay to dump that so  a good home for some of it might be a win win for  carpet place and you and emu.


Small carpet squares might be more problems than they worth if  that was what you mean by carpet squares. :smile:


To  insulate  floor collect the foam packing boxes and lid some fruit comes in and cut it and wedge it between floor joists for a firm fit before floor boards go on. every bit a good as bought insulation.  

Re: shelves for on corregated fence

You @Funnyfarm  are  full of beans  great to see you doing projects  sounds like you having fun too. :smile:

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