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Vertical herb garden

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Vertical herb garden

This great little vertical garden is the perfect solution for small backyards. Not too difficult to whip up, all you need is some 140 x 35 framing timber, screws, pots and if you choose, some paint. I’ve created a four shelf garden, but this can easily be adapted to add extra shelves if you’re hoping for more variety in your herb garden. 


7.2m 140 x 35mm outdoor framing h3 treated pine

4 x Jack 50 x 14cm Concrete Grey Garden Up Classic Pot


Zenith 10-8G x 50mm countersunk rib head timber screws - 50 pack

500ml of exterior paint of your choice. I used British Paints 4 Seasons White Exterior paint





Ryobi One+ Drill

AEG Drop Saw

Ryobi Disc Sander


Step 1


Cut two identical legs that measure 1m each. These legs will need to have a 90 degree angle so that they sit straight. 

Cut two more legs at the same length but ensure to cut the ends at a 25-30 degree angle. These will be the legs that hold the steps to ensure each step is slightly further back than the last. 

Connect one of each leg to the other by placing the straight leg on the outside of the angled one and secure with two 50mm screws 1 inch apart at the top. Ensure that the tops of each leg end in line and level with each other to create the lean.


Cut 3 shelves at 52cm in length each. This will ensure there is enough space to allow for the pots to sit.

Step 2


Measure 4 equal sections along your slanted legs. This will be the positioning of the shelves. Be sure to mark these clearly and accurately on both legs.


Place the legs 52cm apart and use wood or other packing material to create a spacer for your shelves. I used scrap wood to ensure I could keep the shelf at the correct height before securing it. 

Secure the first shelf on both legs by placing two 50mm screws 1 inch apart on the outside on the leg. 

Step 3


Secure the other 2 shelves to the unit using the same spacing and attachment method. To make the placement easier, a large quick grip will be able to hold the shelf in place nicely.

Step 4


Once all the lower shelves have been attached, it’s time to measure and cut the top. 

To do this, measure the distance between the very edge of the legs at the top of the structure. Add 2cm either side to allow for some overhang and then cut your top shelf. 

Secure this to the ladder by screwing two 50mm the shelf to the top face of each leg.


You now have your structure complete! 

Do a quick check by adding your pots to ensure they all fit well. I had to cut the corners of the pot on the second highest shelf to ensure a snug fit but no other adjustments were required.

Step 5


Give the whole structure a quick sand with your disc sander using a fine grade sanding disc (120). Apply 2 coats of your chosen outdoor paint.

Step 6


Go and buy your chosen selection of herb seedlings from Bunnings, pot them and enjoy your brand new herb garden! 

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Vertical herb garden

Hi @Alicia_Woodwork 


Thank you very much for sharing the materials list and assembly steps of your nifty vertical herb garden. The white paint went well with the planters. I'm sure this will inspire a lot of our members who are looking for a way to build a vertical garden that does not need to be mounted to the fence.


Again, thanks for sharing such a wonderful project.




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Re: Vertical herb garden

Thank you Eric, I appreciate the feedback and hope that it is an inspiration for others wanting an alternative to wall mounted gardens 😊

Amassing an Audience

Re: Vertical herb garden

What a great idea - I need to make of these to maximising the winter sun we have.

Yours Kindly. For more, please follow @diy_hausdesigns
Home Improvement Guru

Re: Vertical herb garden

Afternoon @Alicia_Woodwork 

hahahah I looked at vertical garden and must admit "Why have they posted a premade vertical garden as a project?" went through my mind... hahha Seriously a nice looking professional job that I thought you had bought off the shelf! 


Love the way you have built it and described how to.



Re: Vertical herb garden

Haha thank you @Dave-1 - it’s a handy little build that I’ve been able to move around to chase the sunshine for our herbs. Appreciate your kind comments! Alicia

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