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Building a Reputation
17 replies

Hi, What is the most economical way to buy mulch? I am thinking of euci mulch, but buying it in bags from Bunnings seems expensive. Regards, Ste ...

Growing in Experience
1 reply

Hi all,Does anyone know a cheap way I can go about making a frame like this? I already have the channels and the reservoir. Just struggling to make a ...

Growing in Experience
11 replies

My wife fancied us doing a version of this upcycled garden tool gate for our side return... Inevitably actual construction is somewhat more complex a ...

Finding My Feet
3 replies

Hello just wondering what pump we would need for our poud. Size 120mm L By 75mm W By 20MM D

Finding My Feet
5 replies

I want to build a timber surround for our front garden taps and include a letterbox. It would be about 700mm high, 700mm across the front and about th ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

The lemon tree has holes in each/some boughs the size of a pencil. What do I get to kill the borers and retain the 27 yr old tree the hole is same as ...

Finding My Feet
2 replies

I am in Sydney and have some Tulip Bulbs. Please let me know exactly when shall I plant them to get the expected results. Also let me know the plant ...

Just Starting Out
4 replies

Hello team, We brought a home over a year ago and our front hedges in front of the main bedroom do not bloom. The retic needs to be fixed as it was br ...

Making a Splash
12 replies

                     after this lot, time to have a rest.  

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hello! I wanted to redo this bit in the front of our house (see pic). Its about 4 m by 0.5 m. The plants can't be too wide, and height ideally to be s ...

Having an Impact
3 replies

From the start of planting 4 years ago, this dwarf tree quickly became one sided. The leaves fell off and branches died on one side of the tree. One d ...

Finding My Feet
3 replies

We recently purchased this property and it seems the previous owner hadn't maintained the lawn for a very long time and most likely the seeds of the w ...

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