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D.I.Y. walk-in pantry under $1000

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D.I.Y. walk-in pantry under $1000

We started renovating our home 2 years ago, and as most of you can probably appreciate, when you’re doing most of the work yourselves, then, things move at a snail's pace.


We are still yet to build our kitchen, we have a sink and a stove but that’s a project for another day. In the meantime we decided to design and build our new walk in pantry. 


We redesigned the original sleep out and added a walk-in pantry off the new kitchen. I want a clean kitchen, so I designed the pantry to hold all of the dry food, small appliances, and utility storage.


Here's how we built it.


The next phase will be to build drawers for the base unity and doors for the utility cupboards.


We also have some antique doors we found that we will add to the entrance of the pantry.


Happy DIYing








  • Ply Wood
  • Dulux Wash and Wear
  • Dulux Renovation Range
  • Finger Jointed Pine
  • Feast Watson Liming White



  • Nail Gun
  • Measuring Tape
  • Planer
  • Circular saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Orbital Sander


Step 1

We used VJ sheet on the back wall of the pantry and giprock on the ceiling and remaining walls. Once we had them installed we tape and plastered the giprock and filled the nail and screw holes.



Step 2

Once sanded I colour drenched the room using Dulux Wash and Wear in Press Agent.



Step 3

Derek and I build the pantry shelves and the base box out of plywood, we plan to add drawers as a phase two but the base shelves will work for now.



Step 4

We added timber trim to the face of the shelves to strengthen the shelves and make the look more custom. We also added LED flexible tape lights behind the cornice and trim for ambient lighting.


As the Air fryer and kettle will be in the pantry we added an extractor fan and LED recessed lights


We also found a commercial fridge on market place.


IMG_4765.jpgIMG_4766.jpgIMG_5333 Small.jpegIMG_5382.jpeg



Step 5

The counter top is made out of VJ’s that came out of our original kitchen. Derek planed and cut them down and we sanded and stained them using Feast Watson Liming White stain and Varnish.



Home Improvement Guru

Re: DIY walk-in pantry under $1000

Afternoon @Renowayoflife 

Love the pantry! :smile: I actually prefer it without draws for some reason. I think its because if I can see the product I use the product and it dosnt sit forgotten at the back somewhere.


I also like how solid the shelves are plus that extra curve atthe base to the benchtop gives it a very stylish look.


Nice work



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: DIY walk-in pantry under $1000

Congratulations on your progress with the home renovations @Renowayoflife; your new walk-in pantry looks stunning and I trust it's going to be a fantastic addition to your kitchen, providing both functionality and style. It's inspiring to see your creativity in designing and building it yourself. 


Best of luck with the next phases of your project. I'm sure the antique doors will add a wonderful touch to the pantry's entrance. Keep up the great work!




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Re: DIY walk-in pantry under $1000

Thanks @Dave-1 I can see why you like the shelves, they look good but they're so impractical. At the moment they're just a mess as I can't get to the back of them especially the bottom shelf. 


The curve is great, isn't it? I wanted to create a little visual break from the lines of the VJs and shelving so we cut some ply wood to create this shape.

Re: DIY walk-in pantry under $1000

Thank you @MitchellMc This will be a great addition to the kitchen, we are yet to build it so our pantry is our storage for all of our kitchen items at the moment. 


I'll share more about the kitchen once it's built.

Home Improvement Guru

Re: DIY walk-in pantry under $1000

Afternoon @Renowayoflife 

You have nailed it! Ive been designing my future kitchen for years (Have done one once before) I have a few rules that I want to foolow and shall try to... But we know what happens :smile:

The shelves cant be "filled" at the front to block whats behind.

The kitchen utensils/equipment should be revisited before I start and things I dont use should NOT be included into the new kitchen.

The electrical things such as toasters, bench ovens, sandwich makers should be stored with easy access to bring them to the bench.

Is it necasarry to have a large oven, maybe multiple smaller units instead?


Thses are some of the things I mull over, I thought your shelves looked narrow enough so not to be able to overfill :smile: Mmmm Some more thinking required.

And yeah I really like that curve idea, it smooths the transition so well.



Making a Splash

Re: D.I.Y. walk-in pantry under $1000

Fantastic results, love tge step by step. Look forward to the update.

Re: D.I.Y. walk-in pantry under $1000

Thanks @Caron  I'll keep you posted

Re: DIY walk-in pantry under $1000

Thank you @Dave-1  Designing kitchens is fun but they're an expensive room and there's lots to consider. I have just finished designing ours, we plan to buy some base cabinets but build our island, honestly drawers are far more functional than cupboards unless there are pull outs as you will inevidibly loose things to the back and it's hard to maximise the space.


We are aiming for a clean counter kitchen without any top units so I need to be really smart with how we build out our storage. We have renovated a few kitchens, 14 so far so have learnt a thing or two. Happy to answer any questions if you have them.


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