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Metal garden ornament upcycle

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Metal garden ornament upcycle


I saw some metal birds at my local Kmart that I thought were really cute but I wasn’t a big fan of their colours so I decided to give them a makeover. 


I started by giving them a clean using a damp cloth, just to remove any dust. 
Next, I used a fine sanding block and gave them a really light scuff, just to remove some of the gloss coating. 
I then applied 2 coats of Prep4in1 by British Paints using a smooth finish brush. 


Once the prep was dry, I painted them using a British Paints sample pot of their colour “Hidden Grove”. I did 2 coats, allowing 2 hours in between. 


I then used some foam from my craft supplies (a sponge would work too), lightly dipped it into a sample pot of the colour “Black Trend” by British Paints, cleaned off the excess onto an old rag and then dabbed it on top of the painted ornaments in various areas. I did this just to add a little character and texture to them, while also adding a bit of a “rustic” look to them. 


Once I was happy with their new look, I left them to dry and then put them up on my kitchen shelves to use as bookends for the cookbooks. 👌🏻





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Re: Metal garden ornament upcycle

@prettyliving Thank you for your entry to DIY July. Your bird transformation is amazing! The colours and effect are perfect and this is something I will definitely be trying myself. 
I do want to also say a big thank you for your detailed, step by step guide. This is very helpful to fellow workshop members wanting to try the same effect. 
Best of luck for your entry PrettyLiving 

Re: Metal garden ornament upcycle

Thanks so much ❤️ @sandy_d 

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Metal Garden Ornament Upcycle

Hi @prettyliving


I love the paint makeover, they look like traditionally finished ornaments. They look so much better than the loud-coloured finish they use to have. It blends in so well with the books and timber shelves.




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Re: Metal Garden Ornament Upcycle

Thank you @EricL 

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