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Seeking DIY Kitchen Renovation Advice for a Newbie!!!

Just Starting Out

Seeking DIY Kitchen Renovation Advice for a Newbie!!!

Hello everyone! 


I am just looking for some advice on DIY sprucing up this kitchen. I think it is liveable but could look a bit nicer! 

I am young female newbie and will be enlisting the help of my dad (who doesn't have a background as a tradie but has done the odd jobs around the house and painted lots) so probably nothing too dramatic! I would just like it to be a little less of an eye sore. 


I've seen other posts like this one ( and wondered if a similar look was possible for this kitchen?


With changing the bench tops to panels, do you need to cut these yourself to measure so it fits? would an option like that work in this kitchen (the current benchtop is really thick)? How do you cut out the sink?


I'm not really sure what can be done with the cabinets and if they can be saved with laminate paint and new door knobs like the above example? 

I was also thinking of removing the curtains, the wallpaper and painting white, plus maybeeee tile painting the tile splash backs over with white if that would make it look better? I am open to other little changes to make it more visually appealing though as I really have no idea? Is there anything I should enlist the help of a professional for? 


The flooring I would also like done either to tiles or to a laminate wood look. Does anyone know an estimate of this? 

I'm happy with having the appliances as is. A dishwasher would be great but I'm okay without it if it isn't possible! 

I would like to keep costs under $5k if that is even possible? 



Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Seeking DIY Kitchen Renovation Advice for a Newbie!!!

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @elle1. It's great to have you join us and many thanks for sharing your project.


If you have a budget of under $5K, it would be worth considering whether you could refit the whole kitchen. You're coming close to what a budget full renovation would cost. The cosmetic renovation you've suggested, like in @ProjectPete's project, could likely be done yourself for not a lot more than $1.5K.


You should find this step-by-step guide useful: How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets. The key to getting a great bond on your cabinetry is cleaning the surfaces, sanding them, and then using the Renovation range primer.


Here are some previous discussions that you might find useful where our members have used the Dulux Renovation range:









If you decide on a budget make-over, I'd suggest painting everything. Cupboards/tiles in a white and the bench in a darker colour, maybe even a black. If that is paper wallpaper and not vinyl I'd even try just painting straight over it. Removing wallpaper can sometimes be a struggle, and I can't see why the paint wouldn't stick to paper, especially if you used a primer.


Let me mention @redracer01 to get his thoughts on the cost of a budget make-over.


I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do with this space.




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Kind of a Big Deal

Re: Seeking DIY Kitchen Renovation Advice for a Newbie!!!

Hello @elle1 


If I may suggest a plan of action for this very promising make over.


1. Determine the condition of the wallpaper. Is it flaking, peeling and disintegrating. If its, It will need to be removed and the wall needs to be prepped before being painted. Painting this room in Lexicon or Natural white will immediately brighten it up and give it a much more modern feel. 

2. Are the kitchen cabinets still in good condition? Perhaps new hinges? A bit of re-alignment? I suggest the Dulux renovation range for the doors in high gloss white.

3. The bench top must be examined very well. This kitchen was custom built in the late 70's by my estimate. The bench top was framed around the kitchen cabinetry and then laminated on site. Before attempting to remove the bench top I suggest looking inside at the bottom to see how they were fixed in. If it proves to be to be too well fixed removing it may damage the framework of the cabinetry. In this case I suggest just painting it with the Dulux renovation range for bench tops. However should it prove to be possible, then by all means get a new timber top, cutting the sink should not be too difficult as sinks have cut out templates which you simply place on top of the bench top mark and cut with an appropriate tool.

4. The tile splash back can be painted! Save your money for the major make over. When the time comes and you wish to do a proper kitchen renovation. I suggest a simple paint job for this part of the kitchen.

5. It will cost you approximately $250 to buy the high end timber looking vinyl flooring to cover your entire kitchen area. It even has timber embossing to give it that real fake timber look.


These are my suggested plan of action. A bit of elbow grease and diy initiative on your part and it will look shiny again! This light reno will definitely fall inside your budget and give it that nice fresh functional look.




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