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Suggestion for kitchen upgrade

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Suggestion for kitchen upgrade

We are planning to upgrade our kitchen. Can someone please provide your valuable thoughts?

With the existing kitchen, we don't have enough space to keep our appliances. we need more space for our appliances. 


I have below plans.

1. Remove the last door and extend a bit to make space for micro oven. Replace the benchtop if required. 

2. Extend the existing bench top to the wall, add a new small benchtop to the wall(making an interverted U design). Change the window to smaller size. 


I believe creating a hidden pantry would cost more. Please provide some insights. 

Any other ideas or suggestions will be much appreciated. If possible please provide approximate costsRemoving last door as shownRemoving last door as shownSide viewSide viewMain viewMain viewLayoutLayout

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Suggestion for kitchen upgrade

Hi @gniyaz,


Let me mention @redracer01 so they are alerted to your question and hopefully available to make those alterations.




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Re: Suggestion for kitchen upgrade

Hello @gniyaz 


Here is your updated drawings. You could put two corner cabinets to create that "U" shape however matching the doors texture would be challenging. However if you paint it with laminate paint then you can have a uniform colored finish. It is possible to put a single cabinet at the end of the island to extend it, but yes you will need to modify the windows or the cabinet will meet up with them. I'm afraid there is no work around the bench top unit unless you are willing to see a join where the tops meet. Perhaps a new bench top will solve the the issue. Good luck with your renovations and stay safe.


You can bring these drawings to your nearest Bunnings and ask for a quote or suggestions for your extensions!






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