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Buffet makeover

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Buffet makeover

Hey workshop team! 
Here’s a project I recently did for a friend. 
I started by sanding the entire thing back (inside & out). I used my cordless ryobi for the majority of it and then did the corners and grooves etc by hand.
After sanding I gave it a really good wipe down to remove all the sanding dust (it was everywhere!) to prep it for painting. 
I used a Cabots exterior water based paint that I had tinted in Lexicon. The reason I chose this paint is because it is self-priming and really great value for money. 
I did 3 coats, allowing a few hours in between coats. 
Once the paint was dry I used the blade of a scissors to lightly distressed it along some of the corners and edges to give it a bit of character.

I then sealed it all with 2 coats of Cabots water based varnish in the satin finish.
Lastly we got some new handles for it from a local vintage store and she was done. 👌🏻





Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Buffet Makeover

Hi @prettyliving


Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful upcycle project! I'm sure your friend was ecstatic when they saw how great it looked. I'm sure our members appreciate you sharing the steps and materials you used for the project. I am a big fan of cordless sanders as it just saves so much time when sanding furniture down. I understand the dust it creates! Perhaps it's worth considering an extended hose to your shop vac? 


Again, thank you so much for sharing, we look forward to your next creation.




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Amassing an Audience

Re: Buffet Makeover


Thank you Eric! Yes a vacuum is on the list of things I need to get, would defiantly have made the clean up a lot easier 😅

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Re: Buffet makeover

I actually quite like this buffet with the doors off; perhaps with some baskets popped in? Could be a different look sometime in the future when you want to up cycle it again!

Re: Buffet makeover


I did this one for a friend so they wanted the doors on but that is a great idea, something I’ve never thought of, I reackon that would look nice 👌🏻

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