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DIY freestanding floating shelf / wall-mounted TV-style cabinet

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DIY freestanding floating shelf / wall-mounted TV-style cabinet

I wanted a free standing TV cabinet that I could "Wall Mount" my TV & Soundbar on & also use as a bit of storage with floating shelves.

(Hard to build a feature wall when you are renting lol)

But it was impossible to find anything pre made so I sketched up what I thought would work and went down to Bunnings to see if I could find something that I could use to make it myself.



In the end I settled on two 2100X900X30mm pine FJ Laminated Panels


The staff there were very accommodating and did all the required cuts for me that I had laid out on my design (images below)

All I had to do was take the cut panels home and screw them together basically it was like a flat pack. The rear panel is cut into 3 fitted pieces and sits "inside" the shelves to support the weight of the Floating Shelves but give the appearance of one continual panel.




To suit my other furniture I used a Black Stain & Varnish in one ( I didn't even sand the panels before I varnished them - between the 2 coats I gave them a quick hand sand with 240 grit) & I'm very happy with the finish I achieved. I counter sunk M6 65mm Coach Screw for "Exposed" Joints (plus it was the only Joint that suited my skill level lol)




Up the back I ran two 70 X 45 pine struts to hold everything together and mount the rear panel to and also support the TV Bracket & Soundbar Shelf



Here are the cut templates that I did up for the two 2100 X 900 Panels. I specifically wanted the unit 400 deep, but you could simplify it a bit and make it 450 deep and not have to 100 left overs ( but then you would need some more wood for the underneath base and shelf) 

As I said - the staff were more than happy to cut all the panels up to my exact specs (it probably helped that I went in with the exact cuts listed that I needed) it was all cut & loaded in my car in under 10 mins.

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 8.30.06 pm.pngScreen Shot 2021-11-24 at 8.30.14 pm.png



Everything I used to build this was in stock at my local Bunnings, including the LED Lights & TV Mount Brkt. I went in there to get it all mid Saturday morning & by Sunday afternoon it was all finished and in my lounge.


I've also got half of one of the sheets left over to make a table that will fit snug next to my kitchen island bench to add a some extra table room for dining.



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Bunnings Team Member

Re: DIY Freestanding Floating Shelf / Wall Mounted TV Style Cabinet

Hi @mattham


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's great to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your very unique TV/shelf cabinet.


Thank you so much for sharing the materials you used and your cutting plans. What an amazing shelf cabinet creation. This is from just two sheets of 2100 x 900 x 30mm Clear Pine FJ Laminated Panel. I imagine had you purchased this from a furniture store, it would have cost an arm and a leg. There's absolutely nothing wrong with using Zenith M6 x 65mm Hot Dipped Galvanised Hex Head Coach Screws. If it can hold up a deck frame, it can hold up your books and TV as well.


Were both in the same situation at the moment and I can't mount anything to my wall as I'm in a rental as well. Would it be possible for you to post a photo with the TV installed? This will complete the picture and give our members a better understanding of your creation. If you have any other projects on the go, please don't hesitate to share them. Any updates you can provide would be much appreciated. 


We look forward to seeing your next creation.




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