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DIY mosaic table

Making a Splash

DIY mosaic table



In this DIY I have created a table that takes me to Europe. I was inspired by Portugal and Spain architect walls, the mosaic, and the different patterns that you would find in the walls. They were so beautiful and bring so much beauty to any space. 


So once I have seen the Modello Wall Tiles at Bunnings I knew I had to create something with it. Found the table that was going to the bin and was so happy since it was a perfect size for the project. 


Products I used: 

- 1 box of 28 tile 20 cm x 20 cm 

- Dunlop adhesive for timber and white grout 


See the before and after below: 




Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: DIY Mosaic Table

Another absolutely beautiful project @lifestylebymari.


Do you happen to have any photos taken while you were working on this project, or could you explain the process of tiling this table? Did you first sand it? I'm inspired by this project and would love to try it myself so I'm sure others in the community would also love to learn more about how they can give this a go.


Thanks for sharing.




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Re: DIY Mosaic Table

Of course, @StevieB , was such a fun project to complete. The following are the different steps that took me to complete the tile table: 

Step 1: Clean the table really well with any cleaning tool

Step 2: Spray painted the legs with Dulux Metalshield Epoxy Enamel Spray Paint Flat Black

Step 3: Sanding the table with a 120 grid 

Step 4: Place tile in the position I would like since they have a pattern 

Step 5:  Apply the Dunlop Wall and Floor tile Adhesive specific to apply directly on timber

Step 6: Apply tiles, let them dry for 24 hours 

Step 7: Apply any white grout, I used Dunlop Ready to Go Colour 


Step 8: SmoothIMG_2327.jpegTable after using the angle grinderTable after using the angle grinder the edges with an angle grinder 

Step 9: Finish around the tile with outdoor black paint 


Try it out and tag me so I can see your projects :smile: 

Re: DIY Mosaic Table

HI @lifestylebymari


What a beautiful mosaic table. It just gives that table a new look and feel. Thank you for sharing the photos and materials for your project. Will you be putting this table inside or outside your house? If you are planning to put this outside I suggest sealing the grout with Betta TileCare 300g Aerosol Tile And Grout Sealer to preserve your work and make it last a long time. 


Again, thank you for sharing your amazing project.




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Re: DIY Mosaic Table

Thank you, currently is under a pergola. 


Thank you so much for the advice, definitely will look into it. 

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