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How do i stop the drawer sticking?

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How do i stop the drawer sticking?

I was foolish enough to buy a bedside table from FB before I had even seen it and when I did see it was too embarrassed to say what the. I have painted it of course as it looked dreadful with some Magnolia gloss Aqua enamel and did the trims with the same colour paint that is on the bedroom walls. The problem is I can’t stop the drawer from sticking  I have tried candle wax and it looks worse plus I burnt my finger trying to get the wax onto the wooden runners To make it worse they thought I was so nice they gave me a tall mirror which on closer inspection at home was one of those mirrors that you can lock and keep my enormous amounts of One slight problem is the leg fell off so now what to do. I wonder if Bunnings sell these curved legs that I could glue on. I know I might sound daft but if it was cleaned and painted I think it would look good.  This was before I joined the group .If this post pops up some where else I apologise I lost the original uploading the photo.b🌺



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Re: how do i stop the drawer sticking

hi @brendawebster44 

grab a metal scraper and try to scrap the wax off the drawer runners,then give the runners a good sanding to smooth everything over,then try the wax again.but don't melt the wax,just give it a light rubbing along the runners.

cheers kel

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Re: How do i stop the drawer sticking?

Hi @brendawebster44


Your bedside table looks nice! I suggest first sanding the rails of the cabinet and the drawer until they are smooth to the touch. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all the dust. Test it out and see if the drawer still sticks. If it does, get some Johnson's baby powder and sprinkle some on the rails. Tell me how you go and if it still sticks I will recommend something else.


Would it be possible for you to post a full photo of the mirror with the missing leg? Once we see it, we can make a recommendation on how to repair it. 


If you need further assistance, please let us know. 




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