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Recommend something light and tough for keyboard lap desk


Recommend something light and tough for keyboard lap desk

So I'm trying to make a keyboard lapdesk/lapboard since the ones online that are premade aren't the sizes I am looking for. I am currently using a pretty heavy wooden plank from a roll-out desk (unattached) with a mouse pad on it, so I am looking for materials that are much lighter because the weight on my legs/lap is starting to give me pain.

The idea is maybe I could just get a full-size mouse pad around 900mm by 400mm and then epoxy or glue a light and hard material underneath it that can support my keyboard and mouse on it, I've thought about using healing mats or carbon fiber but getting those in the dimensions mentioned is pretty tough any ideas?

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Re: Looking for the right place to get my hands on something light and tough



Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's great to have you join us, and thank you for sharing your question about looking for a light material to make your lap desk.


Making a lap desk is an excellent D.I.Y. project. There are quite a few materials to choose from, but I think we must take into account strength, rigidity, and the ability to take wrist and hand weight. I suggest using SpecRite 405 x 18mm x 1.2m Pine Utility Panel. You can cut the sides off to make legs. You will have the lap desk size you are after which is 900mm x 400mm. 


I recommend using Porta 40 x 18mm 1.2m Pine DAR Clear Solid as the supporting timber between the desk and the panel leg. You do have the option of putting in hinges, but I propose just screwing them all together as one unit. I suggest using Zenith 8G x 28mm Gold Passivated Countersunk Rib Head Chipboard Screws - 38 Pack to join them all together. 


Please make sure to sandpaper all the edges with Flexovit 100mm x 1m 240 Grit Painted Surface Sandpaper Roll. You can paint the table or you can use Self Stick Vinyl Tile. These tiles were designed for floor use so they are very tough and will not fade through repeated use. It gives you a soft smooth finish and is totally waterproof. I've placed the assembly diagram below. Please have a look and tell me what you think.





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