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How to add a sliding door to separate the living room?

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How to add a sliding door to separate the living room?

Hi guys, 

This is another project ( while few are still on hold :smile: ).

I would like to put roller door in my separate living room. Following are the pictures. 





Here, you can see two different entryways to the living room. 

One from Kitchen and another from the main door entrance. Since winter is here, I would like to close these two entries with roller doors so that I can get the maximum out of the Aircon. Plus, I would benefit by making this a private area by closing two doors and can be useful for my little one also ( 10 months) to play within.

There is some post about Barn Style sliding door in the Workshop forum, plus a few DIY project tutorials on the internet. 

Apologies, I have not taken the exact dimension at the moment, but I can provide my next comments if needed. 

As you can see, one of the entryways (through the kitchen) is opened all the way to the roof ( the middle picture) while another is not entirely opened all the way through to the roof ( the last image). 

I am looking for something suitable sliding door for this project. Any help with proper direction plus things to buy before I start, I would really appreciate it. I would also appreciate it if proper instructions are given to follow. 

Thank you Workshop Team. 

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Re: Sliding door in a separate living room

Hi @Sugar,


For the entrance that is open to the roof, you'd likely have to install a bulkhead for the track to be installed on. This will require some substantial work recreating that wall section. You'll then need to plaster sheet the bulkhead and blend it into the adjacent walls. I've created a rendering below as an example. The other doorway will be relatively straightforward, and installation instructions will be provided with your barn door track. If you have any trouble following those instructions, I trust our helpful members will be here to provide guidance. For your reference, here are the installation instructions for one of our Rolltrak barn door track kits. I'll include below a video from one of our supplier Hume Doors on how to install their door track. I'm sure you'll find it quite helpful.


We also have a fantastic range of barn doors for you to choose from. We can even have custom sizes created by our manufacturer. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.





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Re: Sliding door in a separate living room

@MitchellMc  Thank you very much. you are right, it seems like it definitely requires a substantial amount of work. I am going to put this project on hold for now. I have a few mates at my workplace, who have done a fair bit of woodwork. I am going to get their opinions also. But as always, I appreciate your advice, especially with an illustration. I am only going to carry this once I get confident in what I am going to do. Until then, I am thinking of another project. See you in another post :smile:

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