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How to build a 8 cube storage unit?

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How to build a 8 cube storage unit?

I'm planning to make something like this for my child's room to store her toys and books. These units can be bought everywhere but my partner would like to make it. I'd like to keep it simple and just use wood, glue and screws if possible. Last time my partner made something simple like this, he must of got the wrong screws and it didn't hold the wood in place, as in it just flopped like the leaning tower of Piza. He ended up putting a gazillion brackets in every right-angle to hold it in place which shouldn't be necessary.


What wood and screws would you recommend to make this? I'd prefer the wood isn't too thick and heavy but need it to be sturdy and safe.  Note, the picture has a backboard but I'm not wanting to have that. 


Thanks 😊


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Re: DIY 8 Cube storage

Hi @TrooperJo,


To start with, all joints should get some PVA glue applied to them; this will help provide rigidity to the structure and avoid screws tearing out. The side panels will be screwed into the end of the shelves, but you'll need to use fluted dowels on the middle dividers, as there is no great way to screw them in place. You'll need to pre-drill the shelves and dividers to accept the dowels. These will also be glued in place. 


It will be best to assemble the unit lying down and start by connecting all the dividers to the shelves before screwing the sides on. I've created a few renders below to help illustrate the construction method.


Please let me know if you have any questions.





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Re: DIY 8 Cube storage

Thanks Mitchell that's so handy! Is there a rule to work out the best thickness and length for screws compared to the thickness of the wood?

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Re: DIY 8 Cube storage

Hi @TrooperJo


I suggest having a look at this guide - How to choose the right screw for the job @Adam_W. It will give you a very good idea about what type of screw to use on your project. However, I've always used the philosophy that the screw holding two pieces of timber together must at least reach half past the thickness of the second piece of timber.


For example, you are joining two 18mm thick pieces of timber together at a right angle. You know that the screw must go past one piece that's 18mm and proceed on travelling into the second piece to hold them together. If the screw is too short it will not be very strong, a longer screw would be desirable as it will travel farther into the second piece to hold them together.


Screw thickness is also important, too thin and there will be no holding power, too thick and it might crack or rupture the timber piece. So a balance must be struck when choosing screws. As you build more projects, you'll slowly start to gain knowledge and experience on which screws go with what thickness of timbre. 


My number one suggestion for this project is to invest in a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 310. It allows you to drill into any timber material at an angle allowing you to make timber joints with hidden fixings.


Here is an amazing shelving project joined together using Kreg Pocket Hole Jigs:



Please keep us updated with your progress, we look forward to seeing the start of your cube storage project.




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