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Montessori inspired kids chair set

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Montessori inspired kids chair set

Keeping with the theme, I also designed and built a couple of Montessori inspired chairs over the weekend.




Final products in use 😊




I reduced the height of the side panels a bit later on as they felt a bit restricting... Though they looked great!




A bit of sanding and a couple of coats of varnish.




Clamping before screwing all the parts together 




Initial pieces using 12mm off cuts to space out the back and seat inside 





Original design based on using only one $24 - 1200x396mmx13mm piece of plywood.


Cheers all!


Yours Kindly. For more, please follow @hausdiy_weekender
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Re: Montessori inspired kids chair set

Hello @Chaks_DIY


Thank you so much for posting such a practical project. I see from your drawings that you originally planned on doing routered channels for the seat and back panel to slot in. What prompted the change in plans? Were you worried that the ply might get too thin and not provide enough support for the chair?  


It's a wonderful project and I'm sure it will get a lot of use. I'm very tempted to build one, but all my kids are all grown up now.


Again, thank you for sharing the pictures and plans of your Montessori-inspired children's chair.




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Re: Montessori inspired kids chair set

Hi @EricL 


Thanks for reaching out and your kind words. A few reasons for the changes.

With the design, it felt a bit closed off at the top which was just a preference thing.

And unfortunately my router broke...  hahah! Wasn't thrilled about that but I also realised a cutting guide would have helped do cleaner cuts and also 12mm ply felt like it was on the thinner end and would have not be as strong as I wanted.


All in all I appreciate the lessons and love a bit of on the go design and build!



Yours Kindly. For more, please follow @hausdiy_weekender
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Re: Montessori inspired kids chair set

Hi Chaks.


Love the chairs, but I do like your original concept drawing with the rounded edges. 😁

Sorry your router died - do you know why?

Your daughter above? - what's she holding - a toy you designed/made?

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