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How to build floating table with brackets?

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How to build floating table with brackets?

Hi, I want to build a floating table using 2 laminate benchtops. It will be 3.9m wide X .9m deep. I'm not sure which brackets to use to hold the weight, also will I need to connect the two benchtops with a bench top connector?

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to build floating table with brackets

Hi @Echonoob,


Using bench connectors would be an excellent way to secure the two tops together and make sure there are no gaps or flex at the joint.


Are the brackets the only thing holding the desk up, or can you fix the ends of the benches at their front corner at all? In @ProjectPete's Floating timber desk with concealed brackets, you can see how he's used rear corner brackets, the angle brackets on the wall and then what you can't quite see are the brackets at the front edges on the walls at either end. The angle brackets alone will struggle to support a floating desk 900mm deep. If you are only connecting to the wall behind, you'll need at least several Carinya 600 x 450 x 50 x 6mm Galvanised Heavy Duty Stayed Straight Brackets. However, you'll likely still experience a little flex at the front edge if lent on. Those brackets will need to be installed into a brick wall or timber studs. Fixing them into plasterboard will not be adequate.


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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