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How to create a D.I.Y. flower wall

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How to create a D.I.Y. flower wall

I love how my flower wall turned out and see the potential in this type of installation for a bedroom (like we have used it) in replace of art work or a backdrop for a photo shoot or wedding or any other special event needing that extra something. I will share with you how I made it below. 


As with any worthwhile project, there’s an investment in time but honestly something you can do whilst binging on the latest Netflix series.


The Concept


I had this idea that I wanted flowers to be suspended from the ceiling, not like a mobile more like a wall installation, suspended in air like they’d just fallen from a tree. I had one pine piece left over from when I made the kids glamping tents so decided that I would make it work.


Check out the steps below. 


The other fun DIY project we did in Charlotte’s room were DIY Linen Curtains. They look great and they saved us a tonne of money! here’s a little sneak peek below. I will be sharing a ‘how to’ on these soon. Click here to see the sneak peek.


Happy Renovating








  • Hot Glue Gun and glue refills
  • Drill
  • Wire cutters


Step 1

Step One: The Frame


Cut your timber to size. I measured the room and decided to cut a 1200mm length of pine. 



Prime the frame and paint it your desired colour. In this instance, I used Dulux Rose Gold, You will need a lot of flowers, I bought the accent colour for Charlotte’s room.





Pre Drill: I predrilled holes from the top to bottom of the timber at 75mm intervals.


Step 2

Step Two: The Flowers



You will need a lot of flowers, I boughtall of mine at Bunnings and opted for a mixture of Dahlia’s and Peonies in pink, purple and white to match Charlotte’s colour scheme.


Once I removed all of the labels, I then removed the leaves and put them aside and sorted the flowers into a pile.

Step 3

Step Three: Add the Fishing line


This is easier said than done, but once you get going, it’s a very simple process.


We rested the pine on hooks so I could work on it in the living room, you need to hang it to work on it as you need to be able to see it all come together.


1. Fishing Line: Thread the fishing line from the bottom of your pre-drilled holes up through the top and use painter's tape to stick it to the frame. I didn’t want to glue the fishing line in at first in case I needed to take it out or swap them around. As I had never built one of these I had no idea what I was doing and didn’t want to damage the pine in case I didn’t like it.


2. Cut the fishing line to your desired length - as you will be tying the flowers to the line you will want to be overly generous in the lengths as the finished length will be much shorter.

Step 4

Step Four: Think about the design


This is where the fun starts, you will need to trust the process as it will look pretty ordinary at first, until you have enough flowers on each line to start to fill the space. 


I found having a process helps. Take some time to think about the design; you could have every second line as just leaves and alternate with a line of flowers, or you could do what I did and add both to each line but alternate between a flower and a leaf.

Step 5

Step Five: Flower Install


At this point you just need to get started. 


I alternated between a leaf and a flower on each line and started with the top row then worked my way down.


E.g row one, flower; row two, leaf; row three, flower; row four, leaf


I then alternated between the flower and leaf down each line. I did this to create some consistency without it being too uniform. 

Step 6

Step Six: Secure to the wall


You may do this step earlier in the process but I left it until the end as Charlotte’s room was still under construction.  We used 2 long screws to secure the pine to the wall, as I wanted it to set out from the wall, we covered the screws with 1/4inch plumbing pipe which I had painted the same colour as the pine.



Step 7

Step Seven: Glue the fishing line to the pine


Once the flower wall was completely finished and secured to the wall I glued the fishing line at the top of the pine and removed the tape that had been temporarily securing it to the wall. I did this last incase I wanted to move them around or drop them down a little.




Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: How to create a D.I.Y. flower wall

Congratulations on creating such a magical and dreamy feature wall @Renowayoflife


I think your project will be very inspirational to others. Thank you for sharing how you remained flexible throughout the design process and providing us with some valuable tips as well. I cannot wait to see Charlotte's room fully finished with your creative touch. 




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Re: How to create a D.I.Y. flower wall

Thanks Katie,


So much left to do and I can't wait to finish it all

Kind of a Big Deal

Re: How to create a D.I.Y. flower wall

Wow !!! That’s gorgeous @Renowayoflife

Re: How to create a D.I.Y. flower wall

Thank you so much @mich1972 appreciate you saying so 😁

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