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How to hang a heavy mirror?


How to hang a heavy mirror?


Hi there I am really looking for some help with hanging this heavy (almost 6kg) mirror I recently purchased. I know that my first priority is to find the studs but as it's at our new place i haven't had the chance to look just yet. So i was wondering what exact type of studs would i need and also would i have to get ones of a specific size etc? If the studs dont line up for the mirror what other good options are there to hang such a heavy mirror? It's pretty weighty for a mirror of this size! Have attached photos of the back of the mirror, and all measurements including weight. thank you so much in advance! :smile:


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Re: How to hang a heavy mirror?

Hello Kriss, I am going out on a limb here but I swear by it. Have a look at Bunnings and ask advise but I have used Command Strips on nearly everything that I have hung including heavy mirrors. You can get the correct size ie. heavy duty that will cope with 7.2kilos. It seems far fetched but works and no holes in the wall. Best of luck b🌺

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Re: How to hang a heavy mirror?

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @Kriss. It's a pleasure to have you join us, and many thanks for your question about hanging a mirror.


It's great to see you've already received some helpful advice from @brendawebster44

This style of hanging fixture is ideal for masonry walls where you can fix screws into any location. It can be challenging to install them into a stud wall as the distance between the two fixing locations is less than the standard width studs are placed apart. This means you could only ever get one solid fixing into a timber stud, and the other would be in plasterboard.


There are a few options that you could consider, and I've created a rendering below to illustrate better. You could place one screw into a stud and the other into the plaster with a Ramset Nylon WallMate Plasterboard Anchor. Hang the mirror wherever you want with two WallMate fixings as they're rated at 10 kg each. Or, use a timber bridge in between your studs. The timber bridge will be the strongest, but you'll be able to see the timber, and it might ruin your aesthetics.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


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Re: How to hang a heavy mirror?

hello, see I told you to ask a professional. I mentioned the Command strips because I have use them for everything.My other specialities are super glue. What ever floats your boat. I have been with Bunnings DIY for some months now and love it, I like the comradeship. Ali the best b🌺

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