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How to revamp floorboards without sanding?


How to revamp floorboards without sanding?

Hello, I am wondering if I can buy some oil for revamping my floorboards without sanding.


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Re: How to revamp floorboards without sanding?

Hello @Maria_hugo


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your question about revamping your floorboards without sanding.


One of the ways to rejuvenate the shine on your floor is to use Cabot's 1L Floor Polish in combination with Cabot's 1L Floor Clean. This is on the condition that you have a glossy finish on your floorboards. If your timber floor is sealed, sanding will be necessary so that you can apply stain or varnish on it. There is a flooring specialist method where the floor is scuffed and cleaned before a new clearcoat is applied. However, staining the floor will require you to sand the existing stain off.


Sanding a timber floor seems like a big project. The benefit of sanding the timber floor is that you get a new uniformly stained floor, it also gives your room a fresh new look. If you are planning to sell the property, I recommend using Cabot's Floor Polish to bring back the shine. If you're staying, I suggest sanding the floor and getting a proper stain and varnish that will last longer and add value to the property.


Here is a link to our best advice on rejuvenating floors: How do you rejuvenate timber floors? 


Let me tag our experienced members @MartyH and @Brad for their recommendations.


If you need more advice or information, please let us know.




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Re: How to revamp floorboards without sanding?

I am another for sanding if you can't get a result from a clean and polish.

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Re: How to revamp floorboards without sanding?

Hi @Maria_hugo,


It's great to see you've received some helpful advice already. Would you mind showing us some images of the floorboards, including any areas that are heavily worn? That way, our members would be better placed to provide solutions on how to revamp your floors. We really need to know whether your floorboards are already coated with a hard polyurethane coating or an oil.


If there is no hard coating and the floor is oiled, you can give it a good clean and use Feast Watson 1L Tung Oil or Feast Watson 1L Satin Floorseal Oil which includes additional resins to aid in durability. Tung oil products can't be applied over hard polyurethane coatings. If there is any damage to the floorboards, like dents or scratches, then that needs to be sanded out as mentioned above.


We'll be looking forward to seeing some images and providing further assistance.




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