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Interior window or shutters?

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Interior window or shutters?

The creative ideas on this forum are terrific!! Here's a design/construction problem 🙂

I had a builder close in this mezzanine, so that we could have a second living area for the kids to game or watch tv. The opening was going to be fitted with plantation shutters, but the wait is long and they're expensive. I want to be able to close off the room sometimes, so that most of the sound is contained, but since there's no windows, I also would like it to be open sometimes so that light can come through.

A window might look strange as it is an interior wall. Any brilliant ideas?


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Re: Interior window or shutters?

Hi @Bluetooth,


What's the opening size, and could you make something like the Pillar Products 1790 x 1190mm White Adjustable Plantation Shutter Set work?


What about thick woollen curtains hung on the kid's side? That would dampen the noise to a certain extent.


Let me mention a few of our knowledgeable members @TedBear, @tom_builds, @Noyade and @Chaks_DIY, to see if they have any thoughts.




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Re: Interior window or shutters?

Hi @Bluetooth, given that you want some sound reduction, blinds won't give you that. Have you considered a double glazed window unit, with one pane frosted? That way it will reduce sound but still allow light. An alternative to frosted glass would be to  use clear and fit curtains in the room, which if of heavy material would also help dampen the sound down. If the room is mostly for TV, then fitting curtains all around would reduce sound reflections from the walls and therefore reduce the sound that travels to the adjoining room. (If you are willing to go that far,... but it would create a theatre-like environment and improve the sound experience in the TV room.)

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Re: Interior window or shutters?

Hi @Bluetooth,


I'm a bit late to the party but if you're serious about reducing the noise you could consider making a soundproof window insert . Would probably want to have somewhere to hide it when not in use as I don't know how aesthetic it would be, but you could use a picture/painting on the outside of the wall to cover the insert when in use.


As always, thanks for the tag @MitchellMc 

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