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Living room transformation

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Living room transformation








Finally enjoying my Living Room Renovation. Moved into my home after renting it out. It needed some love. Removed wall near entrance and ripped out tiles, carpet and slate. 

Big project was my feature fire place. Whitewashing the brickwork as turned this into my feature piece in my home. Everything but the flooring was done by myself. Painted the whole house in Vivid White including all window and door frames.

This is the single biggest job I have ever attempted and pretty damn proud of the results.

Never think DIY is something to be scared of. I have enjoyed the journey and the results.


Kerryann Bright 😊

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Living Room Transformation

Hello @kbright (Kerryann)


Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community. It's sensational to have you join us, and thank you for sharing such a wonderful living room transformation.


What a fantastic makeover, I love the fireplace and the all-vivid white scheme just makes the room look even bigger. Did you install vertical blinds? What colour did you choose for them? The fireplace surround and mantle just finish it off so nicely. I'm glad you did not keep the old bookcase to the left of the fireplace as it would have been a distraction to the entire look.


Those extra downlights really brighten the entire space. This must look very cosy in the morning when the sun streams into the room. Any chance of a photo of the room with natural light streaming in? What kind of budget would you advise having in order to recreate this renovation. My final query, I promise, how long did it take to finish? 


Any other information you can share about your living room transformation would be highly appreciated.


Again, thank you for sharing such an awesome living room transformation. 




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Re: Living Room Transformation

Hi Eric

Thanks for your lovely comments. The new Roller Blind is a Markisol 240x240 Portofino Indoor Blockout Roller Blind in the Pepper Colour.

The whole renovation took approx 2-3 months as I also have a fulltime job and just did this on my days off. I didnt move back in until the living room was finished.

My son in law helped me remove the wall near the entrance. So that didnt cost me anything to remove. Just a few bits of plasterboard to patch up the gap and the materials to flush the joins.

I hired a tile remover to get rid of the tiles and slate. Cost about $150 for two days.

The flooring is Australian Spotted Gum Laminate Flooring. Cost $1700 (I didnt have to pay for laying as I have a friend that does this) It did cost me about $350 to prep the floor with a leveller product.

Painting total cost around $1700 in product - Undercoat 3 coats used Dulux 1 Step Prep and Dulux Vivid White  for the Top Coat.

The fireplace was $2500 it is electric. 

The Fireplace is stunning and was an awesome project. Used the Undercoat Dulux 1 Step Prep and watered it down to 50/50. Whitewashed the brickwork by painting onto the brick and mortar and then using a rag to wipe off paint to show the bricks colours underneath.

All paint, floor and wall prep and gyprocking products all purchased at Bunnings.

Total spent is around $5000 - $6000. Doing it all myself except for Laying of the floor and hiring electrician to put in downlights.

My son in law helped with wall removal and flushing joins. 

Hope this helps.




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Re: Living Room Transformation

What an amazing transformation you should be very proud of what you have achieved.

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Re: Living Room Transformation

Very nice! 😁

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