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Materials for feature wall that can also mount a TV?

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Materials for feature wall that can also mount a TV?


Hello Everyone,

i am thinking to make a feature wall (photo attached) in my living room. I would be mounting my TV on that wall too so i have few questions?

1- Which slats are more cost effective? Also not too bulky?

2- Would liquid nail be strong enough to hold them on the wall? I don't want to use metal nails.

3- would mounting tv work on that wall and also would that be safe?


Help much appreciated.

Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Feature Wall

Hi @Baslam,


The slats you select depend on the look you are going for. What do you consider too bulky? You could use something like Porta 18 x 18mm 2.4m Meranti FSC DAR or 20 x 10mm 2.7m Untreated Finger Jointed Pine D4S.    


Liquid nails would likely be strong enough to hold the timber on the wall. However, timber is not perfectly straight and to find 60+ lengths that are would be almost impossible. You'll need to hold the timber in position until the glue dries, and that is where nailing comes into play. Without nailing the timber, you'll have no way to straighten out bowed and twisted timber lengths.


You'll be able to mount a TV on that wall just like you usually would. You won't be mounting it onto the slats, though. I'd suggest mounting the TV bracket to the timber stud work behind the plasterboard and ensuring there will still be enough room to mount the TV once the slats are installed. If not, you can attach a solid piece of timber to the stud work which brings the mounting surface out flush with your slats. The mounting bracket can be fixed to that.


You should find this step-by-step guide useful: How to create a dowel timber feature wall


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Re: Materials for feature wall that can also mount a TV?

Just a thought @Baslam,

If you had a sheet of say 18mm plywood screwed/bolted to the wall studs in behind where your TV was going to be mounted.

You could then fix any sort of timber to the plywood, after that had been painted/stained.

The structural part across the studs is what you will fix your TV bracket to, the rest of it would be purely decorative.


Let me know what you think.


Mike T.

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Re: Materials for feature wall that can also mount a TV?

To answer question # 2, You cannot use construction adhesives in this sort of situation.

You need screws/bolts into the studs for support, otherwise this is going to slide down the wall and fall off, once the adhesive gives way.

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