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Upcycled tallboy

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Upcycled tallboy

Hello Everyone, 


Here is another project, an upcycled tallboy: 




For the first time, I used the Rust-Oleum Milk Paint Finish and I am so happy with how the colour turned out. For the top I used Cabot's Water Based Sutherland Teak Interior Stain. Last for protection used Bondall Monocel Satin Waterbased Clear Wood Varnish all over.


A super easy project with the beautiful purpose of recycling something that was old and very damaged into something super beautiful and modern. 


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: Upcycled Tallboy

Hello @lifestylebymari


Thank you so much for sharing your upcycled tallboy project. That Rust-Oleum 946ml Milk Paint Finish came up beautifully. Did you put on two coats for the entire body of the cabinet? The Cabot's Water-Based Interior Stain gave the timber such a subtle finish. Thank you for sharing the photos and materials you used on your tallboy project. Any tips or advice you can provide about the upcycle process would be much appreciated.   


We look forward to seeing more.




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Re: Upcycled Tallboy

Hello Eric, 


I did 3 coats since the original stain colour was a very strong red I felt like it needed the 3 coats for total coverage. I hope that helped! 



Re: Upcycled Tallboy

Hi Mari,


love how your tallboy turned out! I bought a second hand tallboy and want to do something very similar to what your have done. Glad to see the paint gave you a nice colour and finish. Can you recommend any brand and style of paint brush and paint roller? 




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Bunnings Team Member

Re: Upcycled tallboy

It's an amazing project, isn't it @SimoneS? I'm also a great fan of the styling and how it turned out.


Let me mention @lifestylebymari, so she is alerted to your kind comment and questions.




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Re: Upcycled Tallboy


How exciting! Can't wait to see how it turns out :smile: 


I used this brush for the more tricky areas: UNi-PRO 18mm Easy Cutter Paint Brush and this roller to paint everywhere else: UNi-PRO 100 x 4mm Nap Little Ripper Microfibre Mini Roller Set 


Hope that helped!

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