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Bin shed

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Bin shed



We live in a two storey house that has a lovely sunny balcony at the front of the house in a quiet street. However, all I could ever notice looking down were those “ugly green rubbish bins.” Something needed to be done to hide them. So it was back to Bunnings lol

What an ugly view? Horrible rubbish bins.  Too much concrete ( that was painted red) and those colour bond fences needed to be recycled and painted black! 






I now love the view from our balcony .. No ugly bins to be seen




How do you like our bin shed? It’s matched up to the newly painted colour bond fence. It’s now surrounded by new grass, and a beautiful white Natez tree


Projects Editor
Projects Editor

Re: Bin shed

Yet another wonderful project, @annettespanski, congratulations. That's an elegant storage solution perfect for hiding your unsightly bins. Great decision to match your bin shed with your fence. I'm also liking your problem solving mindset, and how you seize upon the opportunity to solve them with your creative D.I.Y. skills. What was your favourite part of this build?


We've had a few bin sheds and covers included in our Featured Projects section (like this one), and I won't be surprised if yours makes it there one day. Keep up the great work, and looking forward to seeing your next project.



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Re: Bin shed

Great project and really smart design. It looks like a long walk to the bins:-)

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Re: Bin shed

Like you I also enjoy looking at my projects and give myself a metaforical pat on the back. For one's mental health is important to do so and get pleasure for one's well implemented projects. Definetly a professional job, nice touch to have the panels matching the fence, I should get your advice when I design some projects I'm toying with in my head.

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