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D.I.Y. fire pit project

Having an Impact

D.I.Y. fire pit project

Hey everyone, I thought I would share my first ever project. Being a first home buyer this was the first chance I have had to actually build something and im surprised it actually turned out ok. Sorry if to many pictures but I figured I would show how it was assembled originally.









Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Re: fire pit

What an outstanding project @raymond265. You must be really proud of what you've been able to build.


It's great that you've included pictures of the different stages – definitely not too many. We'd love to hear more about how you went about building this. With colder months ahead, I'm sure many of our community members will be looking to your project to get inspired for their own build.


Look forward to seeing many more wonderful projects from you @raymond265.




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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: D.I.Y. fire pit project

Fantastic work @raymond265, thanks so much for sharing. Fire pits are so popular with the Bunnings Workshop community so I'm sure your great work will inspire many others. We've featured it on our Project Gallery so it gets the exposure it deserves.


Thanks again,




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Kind of a Big Deal

Re: D.I.Y. fire pit project

Hello @raymond265 


That is an excellent build. The cover for the fire pit was an inspired touch. I'm sure this will be frequently used during those cold nights and is sure to inspire our readers to build one themselves. Thank you for sharing your diy project!



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Becoming a Leader

Re: D.I.Y. fire pit project

Looks great mate top job :smile:  We all love photos here (the more the merrier helps us copy your work hahahaha)  Gratz on becomming a home owner

Re: D.I.Y. fire pit project

Thanks mate. I got alot of ideas from copying other people's ideas here haha.

For anyone interested the seats/planter box were easy to make.

I used h4 treated sleepers with the height being 4 sleepers high. The bottom 2 measure 3 metres by 1 metre and the top measure 3 metres by 50 cms.


The drawing above is what I used as a basic outline of the plan. I changed a bit off of that.


 I pre built all the pieces in my garage added supports for the seat base and the base of the planter areas and then painted all the pieces.


Stained some decking boards


 And then took it all out the yard to piece it all together.

SmartSelect_20210430-115157_Video Editor.jpg




After that it was just a matter of creating a boundary to contain the pebbles and put pavers and a firepit in.



I built the lid for the firepit so that we can use the area for entertaining year round as it doubles as a small table.


The area has already had a good workout as we had our wedding reception in the backyard and it was where everyone wanted to be.

Hopefully this helps anyone looking to do something similar.

Re: D.I.Y. fire pit project

Amazing work, @raymond265 and congratulations on your first project in your first home. You've done spectacularly well, and I trust you are suitably impressed with your handiwork.


Many thanks for the additional images and details, as it really helps our members envisage how they too could make something this inspirational.


Well done, and I can't wait to see your next project.




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Making a Splash

Re: D.I.Y. fire pit project

Great job, that looks awesome 👏 

Re: D.I.Y. fire pit project

This is just wow !!! Simply too good. 
hats off to your skills. 
many thanks for the details. 

Finding My Feet

Re: D.I.Y. fire pit project

How absolutely fantastic, what a champion, I LOVE the seating and the designated space for a fire pit.

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