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Estimated cost for verandah extension with stairs?

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Estimated cost for verandah extension with stairs?

Hi all,

i am about to purchase a house and the only let down is the missing entry to the backyard from the existing verandah.

I would like to find out how hard it is (and how expensive roughly) to extend the verandah out by maybe 1.5 meters and build stairs down to the grass level to the right of the verandah in the attached picture (maybe to around where the first window is).

id assume tradesman time is a big cost as well as matching the material for the wooden floorboards and railing surrounding. 

any tips/thoughts would be much appreciated.

i just want to get a rough idea of I’m looking at a $5k , $10k or potentially much larger investment here?


thanks a lot






drawing deck extension.png

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Bunnings Team Member

Re: verandah extension with stairs

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community mathias (@Endrexil). It's a pleasure to have you join us and many thanks for your question about extending verandahs.


I suspect it's not really going to be a question our members can answer for you very easily and is more something you'd need three different quotes to gauge appropriately. Obviously, if you haven't purchased yet, that would be an issue. Did you want it bricked in to suit the rest of the house or were you happy for it to be a raised deck on posts? For a raised deck, I'd take a guess at it being between the $5-10k mark if the builder is looking for the work. However, as it's a raised deck, I don't doubt some builders not looking for work would quote $10k+ without issue. 


Let me mention @ProjectPete to see if he can give us a ballpark.




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Re: verandah extension with stairs

Hi Mitchell,


Thanks so much for your swift response. That is already extremely helpful.

I've just done a bit of an (ugly ;-)) drawing in powerpoint. Hopefully that helps show what I have in mind.


And yes, I don't think we're aiming for brickworks. A raised extension on support posts is perfect.


Sounds like it's especially important to find a builder who doesn't have many better things to do otherwise price increases.




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