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How to make a automatic watering system?

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How to make a automatic watering system?

I am making a DIY project called a seedling planting system and I am stuck in this specific part of the project. The watering system. Is there a way that when a planter pulls out the lever (to the left) , somehow the water from the jerry can run through the PVC pipes and a spray nozzle connected to the end of it? Maybe some sort of switch? I don't know how to make this part of the watering system automatic... 

The aim of that is to water the seedlings in the seedling container to where are the pipes are running through....



Re: How to construct a manual lever operated mechanism?

"Let me tag some clever members like @Noyade "


The above is a lie @ashriyavarri - actually I'm old and ignorant. 😁

I'm happy to stay the distance with your 'Seedler' - but I'm just not seeing the "automation" in your project. When you Google I see a lotta people just driving tractors.

Just outta curiosity - do you have to physically build this machine and have it working before the teacher will grade it? Or is it just a paper/computer exercise?

When does this have to be completed?


I know nothing about seedlings. They look fragile?


To me - I would ditch the auger concept. Possibly just spring-loaded sharpened rods quickly punching a V shaped hole.

Only needs to be a small hole - assumption.

The 'machine' moves a precise distance so the loading tubes are over the holes. They have to be spot on. Are you familiar with the Norden bombsight?

Drop three (why three?) seedlings down the tubes - by hand? Or have you devised some sort of conveyor system?

To my mind this must be very close to the holes. In fact what distance are we looking at?

Based on this I see absolutely no need for trap doors, levers, bomb-bays or the like.


Again, the 'machine' moves a precise distance - and you press a button and a battery powered pump delivers a squirt of water. This in itself would be heavy?


I have a thousand questions, but genuinely would like to help and understand the nuances of your project.






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Re: How to construct a manual lever operated mechanism?

Hi @Noyade,

I believe that's a lie as well, I think you're very clever after all!

This is a school project designed for my HSC in year 12. I have to physically build it and it will be marked for my HSC by the HSC markers as they need to see this working. I have approximately 4 months left considering its due in August, with the side hustle of completing an overall portfolio!! 


 The seedlings used by my target market (tree planters) is in the picture below. 



I like your idea of making the machine moving a specific distance and everything, however I'm quite not sure where I should start from. My original idea was to somehow channel the seedlings to the PVC pipes and make the system move by itself through ultrasonic sensors, however the drilling mechanism became an obstacle and didn't really know how I could make this work in real life. Which is exactly why I decided to make some parts automatic which pressing a button for the water to release water for a determined amount of time, and manual for pulling the lever to open way for the seedlings to follow through and move the system with the lever at the same time. 

Is there anyway I can make the seedligns fall through from the wheels (not sure how) and still keep the watering process automatic through coding by arduino? 

However, I would like to see my entire system just based on automatic process without the need of manual process at all, although not feasible, I'd really like some help in this project as well as physically building it too!


Thank you ,

Ashriya V

Re: How to construct a manual lever operated mechanism?

OK. The seedlings look more robust than I thought.

I'm sure you've been Googling @ashriyavarri.

I found this impressive machine and had a look at a few YouTubes. Obviously the terrain is also tough, which somehow your invention is going to have to overcome.

I like their solution of 'plowing' a simple channel for the seedlings to drop into but this would take some serious grunt. Have you any ideas how your machine will propel itself and provide traction in this landscape?


Four months?!  😔




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Re: How to construct a manual lever operated mechanism?

Hi @Noyade

I looked at that website- thats really impressive and now I want to make something rigorous like that and again of course not sure how can I get that done. 


So far, the movement of my system is going to be done through coding by the use of arduino and ultrasonic sensors or either manually pulled. To overcome the hard terrain, I've come up with tractor wheels so far bur again that's my last priority, I am currently focusing on better developing my system into an advanced version unlike a basic system with basic knowledge. 


Thank you 

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