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How to replace a rotted pergola post?

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How to replace a rotted pergola post?

Hey guys,


I have an extension of my pergola into my backyard that is supported by a single pole which is now showing signs of rot and damage. 


  • I need advise as to where can I go and look for people and materials to replace this post (see images), is it safe to DIY?
  • I also want to redo the remaining section by sanding away the existing paint + applying a wood hardener to seal the rot + a wood filler to fill in small damages and then repaint it. this I want to DIY. so please advise on the materials that I can get
    • wood hardner
    • wood filler 
    • outdoor paint


Bunnings Team Member
Bunnings Team Member

Re: How to replace a rotted pergola post?

Hi @varununi,


After having a close look at your images, it's my recommendation that this structure is pulled down and, if you wish, can be constructed again with new timber. I do not see any timber in your images that's structural integrity hasn't been compromised by rot and could be saved. Wood hardener is for aesthetical repairs only, and if you were to cover up this damage with putty and paint, the whole thing could collapse at any stage onto an unsuspecting victim. Not only is the post rotted out almost completely, but the beam has an enormous amount of rot and looks ready to collapse under its own weight.


I'm all for saving money where you can, and I'd be more than happy to assist if I thought this could be fixed, but it can't, and you're best to re-build it if needed.


Let me mention a couple of our knowledgeable members, @TedBear and @tom_builds, to get their thoughts.




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Re: How to replace a rotted pergola post?

Hi Varununi.


Looks almost like our pergola when we purchased our house.

As far as that post - I've used a carjack with wood/steel to prop up the horizontal beam and remove a post.

But even then it looks like compressed rot on the horizontal member requiring some galvanised plate prior to the post being attached.

But noticing Mitchell's post above, I would concur with his diagnosis  - not for resuscitation.

Sorry. :unhappy:




Not good.PNG

Desperate measure.Desperate measure.

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Re: How to replace a rotted pergola post?

thanks @MitchellMc and @Noyade I also thought getting rid of the entire structure is best. 


Probably have to get someone to assess and give me a quote now. 

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