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Rolo's house

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Rolo's house



I built my dog's house with the idea of having options for him to be inside the house or go to the rooftop and enjoy the sun and view in summer. He loved it from the initial build, I sometimes had to take him out of the house sleeping so I could continue working on it. Added some sensor lights at the entrance so every time he goes in or out, lights turn on.  I can open the rooftop to make it easier to clean the house and those wheels make it pretty easy to move it around.


I was getting pretty popular at my local Bunnings, I had to go every day to buy something as my Toyota Yaris could not fit everything in one go. Pretty happy with the final result.



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Re: Rolo's house

Welcome to the Bunnings Workshop community @patorodriguez. It's marvellous to have you join us, and many thanks for sharing this wonderful dog house project.


I must say Rolo looks very chuffed with their new home. They are also extremely photogenic, I must say. 


Adding the rooftop is such a neat idea, and I trust provides a prime vantage point of the surroundings. The lights on the entry and exit are also a nice touch. I love your design and the amount of work you've gone to to make an amazing home for your pupper friend.


I'll be looking forward to seeing what project you tackle next. Well done.


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Re: Rolo's house

Beautiful dog and beautiful house - and lights!

Dumb question - did ya have to teach Rolo to use the ramp?

I wanna make a dog ramp - but not sure if my dog would use it. 🤔

Re: Rolo's house

Appreciate your words Mitchell. Have a great week.

Re: Rolo's house

I have to train him, using treats step by step on the ramp until he was on the rooftop and give him a big hug and kisses when he made it. Had to repeat this a few times. The way up it's easier than going down, that took more time as he wanted to just jump from the rooftop to the floor which is not ideal.

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Re: Rolo's house


Absolutely gorgeous dog and what a lucky one at that. His kennel is awsome, a two storey condo no less ha-ha

What I'm really impressed with is the actuall thought put into the style, did you design it or follow a pattern?

Re: Rolo's house

Hi @Baretta11 , I'm actually a designer so I guess that helped a bit, haha.



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Re: Rolo's house

Hi @patorodriguez


No wonder it looks so well made. I'm glad you managed to convince Rolo to use the top floor, I believe a bit more training and Rolo will realize that the second floor will be quite handy when the summer season comes along.




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