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Help for outdoor home improvement projects
Making a Splash
5 replies

     This all started with a vision in my head, my husband has 3 yes 3 types of BBQs, a kettle, a 6 burner and a bullet smoker! So I wanted to help hi ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

Hi! We are building a built in outdoor kitchen in our courtyard. We have the frame completed and a photo of the inspiration for our doors. We will hav ...

Getting Established
7 replies

hello the brick walls along the side of my garage, both external and internal are crumbling away. no-one seems to know why beyond "a bad batch of br ...

Community Newcomer
6 replies

Hi everyone. I’m hoping someone could help me on this. I’ve been thinking to deck the whole area of my backyard (see photo). The area is around 25 m ...

Community Newcomer
3 replies

Hi - I am undertaking a DIY project of tiling our outdoor porch. It is about 7sqm and I have some leftover Travertine tiles that I will be using for t ...

Finding My Feet

We have an open entrance to our house which is has mould growing as well as damage the plasterboard on the ceiling. I suspect this is due to the space ...

Growing in Experience
4 replies

  I am needing to DIY my stable walls due to cost of manufactured ones being so expensive. I have a few questions: 1. Can you use Aluminium C Chanell ...

Getting Established
9 replies

Which ceiling hook to use to hang Xmas lights under Eaves in 1st floor in 2 storey façade (no balcony). Dont want to nail the hook in stone pillar so ...

Just Starting Out
3 replies

I’m using ldpe poly pipe for distribution of water in gravity feed systems as I have done over many decades without issues previously on town water wi ...

Home Improvement Guru
4 replies

This is the second part of my stormwater rectification. Now that the side of the house had been done and I could access it again I needed to redo the ...

Just Starting Out
7 replies

I've been tasked with building an 8 seater outdoor dining table for my daughter, I have no specific experience with this beyond some general woodwork/ ...

Just Starting Out
1 reply

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